Fiji – Paradise on Every Island

Life can be quite exhausting. Always running from one place to the next, never able to take a moment to just stop and enjoy the world around you. Maybe now is the time to take that much-deserved break from it all. Whether you want to spend that break kicking back and relaxing or embarking on a grand adventure, we have the perfect place to do it – the breathtaking islands of Fiji.

Fiji is located in the stunning South Pacific and consists of 333 delightful islands. This incredible destination has something to please everyone, including dazzling white sand beaches, coral reefs, impressive mountain ranges, spectacular waterfalls, and mangrove forests filled with interesting wildlife.

Viti Levu is Fiji’s largest island and makes up more than half of Fiji’s entire land area. Viti Levu is home to the capital, Suva, and 70% of the country’s population. Nadi International Airport is located on the western side of Viti Levu and services 96% of Fiji’s flights. Fiji’s currency is the Fijian dollar, and you can use this online tool to convert Australian dollars to Fijian dollars.

Planning your trip to Fiji can be a challenge since there are so many wonderful things to see and do. Keep reading to learn about some of the best activities, sites, accommodations, and transportation options that will help you make the most of your extraordinary trip:


  • Buses. Buses are one of the least expensive transportation options in Fiji. Buses run regularly between many cities and towns on the main islands, and an inexpensive $12 FJD fare on the express bus takes you along the Queens Highway. The bus can be quite bumpy but a lot of fun, with loud music and open windows that allow you to take in the refreshing island air.
  • Taxis. Taxis are available throughout the main islands and are another economical way to travel. A $5 FJD taxi ride can take you quite far in Fiji, and a ride from the airport to a hotel in Nadi will cost between $8-$10 FJD.
  • Rental cars. Renting a car in Fiji is a convenient way to travel as you can go at your own pace. Budget and Hertz are among some of the more reputable rental companies in Fiji, and prices vary depending on the type of vehicle you choose. You must have a valid drivers license from an English-speaking country to drive in Fiji.
  • Ferry. Ferries are an excellent mode of transportation. If you’ve decided to rent a car, you can transport your vehicle on the ferry as well. Ferry services connect all the islands, but they do not typically run on time, so plan for some extra room in your schedule.
  • Plane. Fiji has two internal airlines that have numerous daily flights between islands. Sun Air is based at Nadi International Airport and Air Fiji is based in Nausori. This mode of transportation is significantly more expensive–a flight from Nadi to the northern islands runs to about $400 FJD, while a flight from Nadi to the southern islands is slightly less expensive at about $300 FJD.
  • Motorcycles, scooters, and bikes. These modes of transportation are fantastic for most areas of Fiji, as long as they are not too rugged or mountainous. Thrifty Car Rental offers scooter rentals from $35-$60 FJD per day and motorcycle rentals around $125 FJD per day. Bicycle rentals in Nadi, Ovalau, and the Coral Coast cost between $25-$40 FJD per day.


  • Kid-friendly. There are many kid-friendly resorts that offer special family packages to make your trip a memorable one. Many package some meals, transportation to and from the airport, transportation between islands, and family outings such as kayaking, visits to local villages, snorkeling, and treks through the jungle. Koro Sun Resort & Rainforest Spa, located in northern Vanua Levu, is a fantastic family option. Rates range from about $300 USD per night in a Garden Bure to about $1000 USD per night in a 3,000 square foot Mountain Top Villa.
  • Budget-friendly. The most budget-friendly options in Fiji are usually dorm rooms, which are ideal for young travellers who are spending most of their time out and about – they are simply a place to sleep at night and usually cost less than $20 FJD per night. Families looking for a budget-friendly option can stay at a budget hotel, most of which are available on the main islands and typically start at $60 FJD per night for a single or double room.
  • Luxury. For those looking for a luxurious stay in Fiji, there are several resorts promising just that. Incredible views, extravagant rooms, decadent meals, and much-needed privacy abound at these luxury resorts. Likuliku Lagoon Resort is a magical, adults-only escape featuring marvelous over-water bures. In addition to exquisite cuisine, you can enjoy a variety of activities including island-hopping, snorkeling, fishing, walking trails, sunset cruises, jet-skiing, parasailing, and traditional Fijian ceremonies and traditions. Rates at Likuliku range from $1,900 FJD per night to $3,000 FJD per night.


  • Snorkelling/Diving. Fiji offers visitors over 4,000 square miles of stunning coral reef to explore. You’ll be dazzled by nearly 1,000 different species of fish and hundreds of incredible varieties of coral and sponges. Those looking for serious adventure will enjoy diving trips that offer up close and personal meetings with Gray Reef sharks and Hammerheads in reef passages. You can also enjoy swimming with majestic Manta Rays which happen to be one of the largest fish in the ocean. The best time for snorkeling and diving is between April and October, but heavier wetsuits are recommended between June and August because of the cooler water temperature. Costs typically range between $65 FJD and $130 FJD.
  • Hikes. Fiji is a spectacular destination for nature lovers, with incredible hiking opportunities. Colo-i-Suva is a gorgeous rainforest bursting with tropical plants, fascinating wildlife, and glittering waterfalls. Hikers will enjoy 6.5 km of trails dotted with crystal clear natural pools of water and breathtaking views from the vistas. Swimming is available in the Lower Pools, and tour guides lead two-hour hikes ($30 FJD per person). This forest receives an abundance of rainfall each year which can make the trails very slippery, so be sure to wear proper footwear.
  • Sea-kayaking. The sparkling, clear shallow waters of Fiji are an excellent place for kayaking. Tamarillo Active Travel offers fantastic sea-kayaking tours in Fiji’s Kadavu Island group. This remote region is far from urban excitement and allows you to enjoy nature at its’ finest. This is the only company offering no-camping sea-kayak tours from one to seven days long – at the end of each day you can enjoy a hot shower and a comfortable bed. Prices range from $1,400 FJD to $3,400 FJD.
  • Cruises. A scenic cruise is perfect for taking in all of the sites and sounds that make Fiji a stunning paradise. The Mamanucas are close to the mainland Viti Levu and great for those looking for a very social and active getaway. The Yasawas are less developed, less busy, and more laid-back, giving visitors the opportunity to take in more of the traditional Fijian culture and traditions. Special permission allows you to visit the truly exquisite Lau group of islands far east in Fiji, where locals lead a simple existence. Cruising around Kadavu is a breathtaking experience, filled with towering volcanic peaks and lush rainforest.


Fiji’s climate is warm and tropical, with temperatures usually staying between 26-31 degrees Celsius. March through November is the dry season, and December through April is quite rainy. During the wet season, brief but heavy rain showers are quite common and cyclones do occur on occasion, though not often.


The citizens of Fiji come from a variety of backgrounds including Fijian, Chinese, Indian, and European. The rich culture of Fiji is apparent nearly everywhere you turn and during your stay, you’ll experience much of it through music, food, festivals, and rituals. A visit to the first colonial capital of Fiji, Levuka, is a must. Here you’ll find historical artifacts that preserve the development of the Fijian culture and incredible achievements throughout the country’s history.

Fiji is a marvelous destination for couples, families, and anyone looking to relax or embark on a grand adventure. The islands are full of exciting activities, breathtaking sites, and amazing cultural experiences. A trip to Fiji is truly unforgettable.

Now you’ve got some great ideas for your trip to Fiji, don’t forget to arrange travel insurance as soon as you’ve made a booking. Get a quote today or call one of our friendly team on 1300 819 888 to discuss your requirements.


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