Inbound Travel Insurance

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  • A Pre-existing Medical Condition is any physical and/or mental defect, illness, disease, condition or injury: (a) that is currently being or has been investigated or treated by a Medical Practitioner or other health professional (including dentist/s and/or allied health practitioners): i) Within the 90 days prior to policy issue in the case of a Single Trip policy; ii) Within the 90 days prior to policy issue or 30 days prior to booking a Trip in the case of an Annual Multi Trip policy; iii) During the original Period of Insurance if the policy is an extension or replacement of the original policy. (b) of which you are aware or the symptoms of which You are aware; (c) for which you take prescribed medication, have had surgery or consult a Medical Practitioner; (d) of an ongoing or recurring nature or complication attributable to the condition.
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