Armenia is an ancient country with rich history, culture and stunning mountainous landscapes.

It is a beautiful country which is said to be the first to accept Christianity as its state religion.

It is a tourist destination offering beautiful monasteries amongst genuinely stunning natural beauty. For those looking to explore Armenia’s heartland, consider including a visit to Mount Aragats in your itinerary.  Its northern summit is the highest in Armenia reaching 4090m above sea level.  This stunning volcano plays a special role in Armenia’s culture and history.  Mount Ararat, in eastern Turkey can also be seen from Armenia.  Many Armenians consider these two mountains to be sacred.

Top tourist attractions include Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia which is home to Republic Square, gorgeous parks and restaurants. Consider adding Echmiadzin to your itinerary – it is the fourth largest city in Armenia and the heart of the Armenian Apostolic Church.  It boasts a fine and ancient cathedral built in the 4th Century which scholars believe is the oldest cathedral in the world.

Tetav Monastery is a magnificent structure located deep in the south-eastern countryside.  A 9th Century monastery, it sits pride of place on a hilltop plateau. A cable car can be used to visit, offering the added bonus of stunning views.

Explore Lake Sevan which is considered to be one of the highest lakes in the world with water that seems to touch the sky. Rather surprisingly, it is renowned for its beaches!

If time permits, visit Jermuk, a spa town known to have healing mineral waters and remarkably beautiful falls of 70m high. You must not miss Karahunj, a prehistoric archaeological site fondly referred to as “Armenia’s Stonehenge”.

If you’re not faint of heart, cross the 160m long suspension bridge into the cave city of Khadzoresk and get a taste for life in a cave community.  This is an historical village made of natural and manmade caves which were carved into the steep slope of a gorge.  Uninhabited since the 1950s, it is now home to livestock but still worth the visit. Mamrot Qar is also worth the effort.  This stunning  natural waterfall that looks like umbrella covered in green moss will leave you in awe of Mother Nature.

Nature and history define most of Armenia’s tourist attractions.  You wont be disappointed.

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