Austria is well-known for its majestic imperial palaces, mountains and diverse cuisine.

It is an awesome tourist destination where people can enjoy the enthralling Austrian Alps, the historical and artistic parts of the cities and lush green countryside.

The glamorous city of Vienna, the capital of Austria, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this part of the country, you can watch opera at the Vienna State Opera House, go to any number of museums and art galleries, or visit historical spots such as the Schonbrunn Palace and Hofburg Imperial Palace.

After visiting the many tourist attractions in the capital city, you can try Salzburg, which is the home of the classical music legend Mozart. In Salzburg, you can also visit Mirabell Garden and Palace.

Your Austrian tour won’t be complete unless you add Tyrol and Innsbruck to your list of places to visit. At Innsbruck, you can visit Altstadt and see its medieval architecture that has been restored.

You can also indulge in a variety of activities such as skiing on the slopes and snowboarding in the Austrian Alpine region.  Why not try wine tasting at the wineries around the countryside or take a hike in the breathtaking mountains?  Several adventure destinations are also scattered across the country where you can try activities such as scuba diving and riding a kayak.

The diversity in Austria’s cuisine is another thing to look forward to. If you want a unique food trip experience, don’t miss Styria’s pork pot roast, Vienna’s Tafelspitz and Wiener Schnitzel, as well as Sazlburg’s Salzburger nockerl. And of course, you shouldn’t leave Austria without having a slice of the original Sacher Torte from Hotel Sacher located in Vienna. Only the confectioners at this hotel know this chocolate cake’s secret recipe.

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