Photography Tips for Travellers

Everyone wants to go home with some beautiful shots from overseas. With so many people sharing their holiday snaps on social media sites, there is a lot of pressure to … Read More

What is Subrogation and How Does It Affect You?

If you’ve ever read a Product Disclosure Statement, you might have seen a clause relating to Subrogation. It’s a little understood insurance concept and you’d be forgiven for glossing over … Read More

Are Your Medical Costs Covered At Home?

No one wants to be injured overseas.  It’s not exactly what you were hoping for when making holiday plans. Unfortunately, it does happen and many travellers find themselves banged up … Read More

Bungy Jumping – Tips & Tricks For a Safe Jump

For some, bungy jumping is an extreme sport that’s not worth the risk. What if you break your back? Does it cause brain damage? What if the cord snaps? However, … Read More

What is the Code of Practice?

Did you know that most insurance companies subscribe to the general insurance Code of Practice?  So, what is it and how can it help you? The general insurance Code of … Read More

What can DFAT do for you?

Most travellers are familiar with the Smartraveller website.  Run by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), it provides a wealth of information for Australians planning to travel … Read More

Natural Disaster Series: Hurricanes and Typhoons

As Australians, we’re familiar with cyclones but what do you know about hurricanes and typhoons? Depending on where you’re planning to travel, your trip could be seriously affected by extreme … Read More

Leaving Property Unattended – What’s the big deal?

If you’ve travelled or know someone who’s travelled, chances are you’ve experienced a case of theft or know someone who has. Theft occurs in various ways – bag snatching, pickpocketing, … Read More

Natural Disaster Survival Series: Earthquakes
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We never imagine the worst happening to us, especially when on holiday. However, some destinations are prime locations for natural disasters such as hurricanes, cyclones and earthquakes. Throughout our Natural … Read More

Reciprocal Healthcare Agreements

Australia has Reciprocal Healthcare Agreements with 11 countries.  These agreements entitle Australians to receive free healthcare in those countries. It also entitles citizens of those countries to obtain free healthcare … Read More

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