The Bahamas is a wonderful large cluster of islands located in the Atlantic Ocean.

Each island in this archipelago offers a good opportunity for travellers to explore its natural beauty and take on an adventure.

Interested in going on an ecological tour? Visit Grand Bahamas and enjoy its clear waters, nature tours and botanical gardens. If you want to have an encounter with stingrays, don’t forget to add the island of Abacos to your itinerary. Meanwhile, in Nassau, you can experience thrilling water adventures and tours that may include sharks.

For those who are seeking a private getaway on a private boat or special cruise line, Berry Island and Exuma are the best choices. Other islands that should also be in all travelers’ must-visit list are Long Island, Ragged Islands, Crooked Island, and Mayaguana and Inagua.

Because of the exotic attractions found on these islands, visitors from across the globe are drawn into them. For those who are interested to get a glimpse of a seafaring pirates’ life, the museum of the Pirates of Nassau is the place to go. The Garden of the Groves, on the other hand, attracts tourists with its botanical garden filled with tropical trees, a lagoon, and a 19th Century chapel. Lastly, your trip to the Bahamas won’t be complete without visiting the largest open-air aquarium called Waterscape.

As expected, water sports, scuba diving, and snorkeling are some of the famous activities on these islands. Also, seafood is prominent in the Bahamas, with the Conch being the national dish. Normally, the dish is either served raw or deep fried, and with a cool beverage and warm breeze, what better way to unwind!

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