Belarus is a quaint and seemingly isolated country that has a combination of Soviet and European charm.

If you want an enriching travel experience, this is definitely a must-visit place.

Begin your adventure by going to Polack which is one of the oldest cities in Belarus that has a rich architectural heritage. After going to Polack, visit Viciebsk or Vitsebsk which is the cultural capital where you can find the art museum dedicated to painter Marc Chagall.

Next, travel to the capital city of Minsk and see the beauty of the churches and art museums. If you want a glimpse of the remnants of World War II, go to the historical spots of Baranovichi. Meanwhile, for those who want to engage in youth-centric activities, go to Pinsk and don’t forget to also visit the Jesuit Collegium and St. Theodore Cathedral located in the city.

In Belarus, you will find the gorgeous Bialowieza forest, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where the iconic European bison lives. Aside from the Bialowieza forest, another natural wonder that you should not miss is the Braslaw Lakes.

When it comes to architecture, Belarus is a rich country with famous attractions such as the 16th Century gothic Mir Castle Complex, the 19th Century Brest Fortress that serves as a World War II monument, as well as the 17th Century architectural beauty of the Gomel Palace or the Rumyantsev – Paskevich residence.

The cuisine usually involves a mix of pork, beef, potatoes, and bread which all have a unique European flavour. Some of the must-eat dishes include draniki, kalduny, and kalduny count tyshkevich. It is also recommended to enjoy your meals with vodka, harelka, or Belarus’ national drink called kvass.

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