Raring to get out of the congested concrete jungle and just relax while sipping a piña colada on the beach?

Or are you dreaming of unleashing your adventurous side with an adrenaline-fueled sport?

Bermuda has all the beautiful beaches and sunsets you want to see and explore!

This island paradise boasts a full range of water activities, from swimming, sailing, fishing, and water sports to diving and whale watching. It is also home to lush nature reserves, verdant golf courses and spas where you can just let your troubles fall away. Whether you are a solo traveller seeking adventure, or you are a family out to have a memorable and fun-filled holiday, Bermuda is sure to have something for you.

Its top tourist attractions include Horseshoe Bay Beach in Southampton Parish, Historic St. George (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Royal Navy Dockyard, Crystal and Fantasy Caves, and Elbow Beach with its pink sands.

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