The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a famous destination for travelers who want to enjoy calming ambience and beautiful scenery.

The place is a paradise with steady winds, protected bays, calm currents, and a few pirate ship themed bars. It is also one of the most famous sailing spots in the world.

The beaches in the British Virgin Islands are perfect for swimming, diving, sailing, fishing, or simply soaking up the sun. They are not overcrowded even during peak seasons. This is because the area is so huge it contains a large number of beaches such as in parts of Tortola and Virgin Gorda. It is not unusual to have the entire beach all to yourself. Most of the beaches in the British Virgin Islands do not have vendors with stalls set up that could ruin the view or pester tourists. A lot of the islands also do not have amenities, so be sure to take some water and food with you.

The beautiful islands of BVI make it a popular spot to go on a sailing experience in the Caribbean especially for first-timers. Several yacht companies are available, so you won’t have trouble finding one. If you are planning to experience sailing in the British Virgin Islands, arranging sailing travel insurance is a good idea. Go Insurance’s sailing insurance is specially designed for sailing itineraries and can be extended to include open water racing and offshore boating. This sailing insurance is an extension to our flexible travel insurance.

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