Coronavirus COVID-19 Important Information (CLOSED)

Subject to relevant terms and conditions, Go Insurance travel policies do provide cover for claims arising from medical epidemics. However, on 23 January 2020, Go Insurance raised a cover restriction … Read More

Novel Coronavirus Cover Advice (CLOSED)
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Chinese authorities have identified an outbreak of a new type of Coronavirus, in Wuhan City in Hubei Province, China. We are aware of concerns regarding travel to China and destinations … Read More

Taal Volcano, Philippines (CLOSED)

Taal volcano located near Manila in the Philippines has erupted releasing ash into the sky. This eruption has resulted in the immediate evacuation of thousands of people from the surrounding … Read More

British Airways Strikes – September 2019 (CLOSED)

British Airways have notified travellers that there will be significant delays and cancellations impacting flights on 9, 10 and 27 September 2019. As this British Airways strike event is now … Read More

Hong Kong Protests – 5 August 2019 (CLOSED)

Demonstrations in Hong Kong have been ongoing since June 2019.  From 5 August 2019, these demonstrations have led to flight cancellations and disruption to scheduled transport services. News of disruption … Read More

Bali – Mt Agung – 31 December 2018 (CLOSED)

Bali Ash Cloud Claim Advice Flights between Australia and Bali are currently operating as normal but ash cloud may affect flights over the next few days. Mount Agung is a … Read More

Anak Krakatoa – 23 December 2018 (CLOSED)

Issued: 23 December 2018 The powerful tsunami that hit the coast around Indonesia’s Sunda Strait between Jakarta and Sumatra was likely caused by the eruption and land-slip from Anak Krakatoa. At … Read More

Lombok Earthquake – 5 August 2018 @ 21:46AEST (CLOSED)

Updated:  10 August 2018 – Lombok & Gili Islands – Reconsider your need to Travel Issued:   7 August 2018, 21:00 AEST 7.0 Earthquake on Lombok, Indonesia. On 5 August … Read More

Greece – Fires – Claims Advice (CLOSED)

Issued:   25 July 2018 Greece is experiencing significant wildfires that broke out Monday (23/7/18) afternoon (local time) with 91 people dead so far, burning through forests and homes of … Read More

Ambae, Vanuatu – Volcano Claim Advice (CLOSED)

Issued:   27 July 2018 Following an increase in the ongoing volcanic activity on Ambae, Vanuatu, a state of emergency has been re-instated after the September 2017 eruption and compulsory … Read More

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