Claims Explained:  Why do I need a Police Report?

Most if not all travel insurance policies carry a condition that you must provide a police report to support a claim for loss or theft of property. In fact, some … Read More

Smartraveller Travel Warnings Explained

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) provides travel advices for more than 170 countries on their smartraveller website. Did you know that the level of the smartraveller … Read More

Salvage: What is it & how does it affect a claim?
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Salvage is a basic principle of insurance. Salvage simply means that once a claim for a damaged item has been paid, the insurer takes ownership of the item.  The insurer … Read More

Turbulence: Staying Safe Onboard

Turbulence is simply part and parcel of air travel. Whilst turbulence during flight is extremely common, it can be unsettling for many travellers. Although it can strike fear in even … Read More

Denied Entry: Your rights & responsibilities

For many people, being denied entry at the Immigration counter is one of their worst travel nightmares. Have you ever thought about what happens if you are denied entry into a … Read More

Privacy: Important Info for Travellers

The Privacy Act 1988 is Commonwealth legislation which regulates the manner in which certain organisations collect, use and disclose personal information. Compliance with privacy legislation is mandatory for insurance companies. … Read More

Delayed Baggage Compensation

Delayed baggage is a right royal pain in the “you-know-where”. If you’ve ever had to deal with delayed baggage after a long haul flight, you know just how true this … Read More

DVT Travel Risk: What you need to know

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is a serious risk for travellers. Whilst it is thought that long haul travel increases the risk of DVT, it is not confined to air travel.  … Read More

Wild Monkey Risk: How to avoid being attacked

If you’re going to Bali, you probably plan to visit the Ubud Monkey Forest. In fact, you can pretty much see a wild monkey in most Asian countries … and … Read More

Overseas Hospital Tips

Ending up is hospital isn’t ideal when holidaying overseas. But it can happen and a little advance preparation can help – just in case your trip does involve an impromptu … Read More

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