Chile offers tourists a good combination with its beautiful ocean waterfront, mesmerizing desert dunes, breathtaking volcanoes and historic jungles.

With Chile’s vineyards, geoglyphs and large southern glaciers, travellers will surely be enticed by its charm.

Some of the awe-inspiring destinations in Chile include the San Rafael glaciers, Lauca National Park and Easter Island’s diving sites. You can begin your journey in the capital city of Santiago and then consider some of Chile’s famous destinations including San Pedro de Atacama which is a hill town, the UNESCO World Heritage site Valparaiso, Torres del Paine National Park or the famous vineyards at Colchagua Valley. Don’t forget to consider adding Punta Arenas, La Serena, Valdivia and Chiloe Island to your itinerary. Chiloe Island is not just your ordinary island; it has amazing architecture and showcases the Chilean culture.

Another place to visit is the Los Pingüinos Natural Monument where there are over 120,000 penguins. Meanwhile, unlike other national parks that only have different species of animals and plants, the Torres del Paine National Park also features glaciers, mountains and lakes that will surely make you feel bedazzled. Additionally, you can go hiking up Volcán Ojos del Salado and try out skiing at Termas de Chillán.

When it comes to the local cuisine, Chilean food bears influence from Spanish, Italian, French and German cuisine. With bountiful seafood from the Pacific Ocean, the fresh agricultural produce and different wines, tourists are treated to a gastronomic feast. Some of the famous local dishes that you should try when you visit the country include Pebre, Empanadas de pino, Gambas al PilPil, Longanizas de Chillán, Humitas, Lengua de vaca, Aarrolladohuaso, Ensalada a la chilena, Chapalele, Carbonada, Ajiaco, Prietas, Pataska, Sopaipillass and Malaya.

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