Colombia is a South American country which ranks second in the world in terms of biodiversity because it is home to 467 mammal species, 1,821 bird species, 3,200 fish species and a whopping 51,220 plant species.

What makes it an interesting destination is the fact that it features a combination of Spanish, European, Muisca, Tairona, Quimbaya, Middle Eastern and African cultural influences.

You can start your trip by going to the capital city of Bogota and explore the skyscrapers and colonial churches—a blend of modernity and rich history. If you want to explore Colombia’s historical side, go to Cartagena and Villa de Leyva. You can also visit Medellin and see the biggest outdoor flower parade.

For the nature lovers out there, you should definitely include the Tayrona National Natural Park in your itinerary and be prepared to be amazed by the different flora and fauna. The Coffee Triangle, which is home to some of the best coffee producers in the world, can be found in the rural part of Colombia.

Other sites to visit include the San Andres and Providencia Islands where you can relax, the Gorgona Island where you can watch humpback whales and the clear blue waters of Cano Cristales. Another fun thing to do in Colombia is to visit the dance capital Cali and enjoy the music pulsating in the city.

If you are seeking exciting adventures, head to the adventure capital—San Gil. Here, you can try out kayaking and white river rafting. Additionally, you can ride a bicycle around Boyacá, go scuba diving in the Caribbean Sea and engage in a variety of water sports in Calima El Darien.

In terms of the local cuisine, some of the delicious foods that you should try are Lechona, Bandeja Paisa, Ajiaco, Pandebono, Sancoho, Temales, Fritanga, Hoago, Empanadas and Chunchullo.

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