Located in the Southeastern part of Europe and bordering the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is a country made up of more than a thousand islands with spectacular coastlines.

Aside from the white sand beaches that are ideal for relaxation and for water activities such as diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, sailing and kayaking, tourists can also enjoy the rich history of the different cities and coastal towns.

Aside from the crystal clear waters, you can also marvel at the beauty of the Dinaric Alps which stretch from Italy to Albania. You can also find rocky peaks, magnificent waterfalls, caverns, lakes and river canyons.

If you are used to an active lifestyle and are looking for an exciting adventure, you can go trekking, biking, rafting and ziplining. Some places worth exploring include the ancient Split, the busy city of Zadar, Dubrovnik’s walls and the island of Mljet where you can scuba dive.

You can start your journey by going to the capital city of Zagreb, and then travel to the magnificent cities of Rijeka, Pula and Karlovac. When you visit Croatia, don’t forget to include the historic Gornji Grad, Diocletian’s Palace located in Split, Euphrasian Basilica situated in Porec and the ancient city of Korcula in your itinerary. Also, the island of Hvar, the vibrant atmosphere at Rovinj and the beautiful Plitvice Lakes National Park are worth the effort.

Extreme outdoor sports and water activities including snorkelling, boating and swimming are popular with tourists. In terms of the local Croatian cuisine, you should try prsut, pasticada, paski sir, includecrnirizot, ispodpeke, brudet and ribanagradeleiblitva.

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