Cyprus is an ideal Mediterranean getaway for those who are looking for a destination with a combination of Turkish and Greek influences.

With amazing archaeological sites such as the Kourion which you can explore and discover, the island of Cyprus offers you a unique holiday.

Among the cities that you shouldn’t miss are Lenesos, Paphos, Lefkosia and Larnaka. At Ayia Napa, you will be able to enjoy an awesome beach clubbing experience. Located in the south-eastern part of Cyprus, you can enjoy spectacular beaches, crystal clear waters and some of the best clubs around the globe!

Meanwhile, if you love history, you should never miss the amazing Tombs of the Kings, Adonis Baths Waterfalls, among other archaeological spots in Paphos.

Want to experience the different festivals of Cyprus that are held in Limassol? Go to the island before Easter to attend the Carnival and experience the Wine Festival by visiting the country in September.

When it comes to food, meze is a tasty way to acquaint yourself with the country’s cuisine. Pamper your taste buds with a culinary feast of small dishes including creamy hummus and kebabs or afelia, which is a pork dish cooked in red wine. The food in Cyprus is significantly influenced by Greek, Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine. Some of the dishes worth trying are sheftalia (grilled sausages), haloumi and baklava.

For adventure junkies, Cyprus is a travel destination with plenty to offer. Here, you can engage in various sports such as mountain biking, snorkelling, kayaking, sailing, jet skiing, among other activities that are suited to the adrenaline seekers out there.

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