Czech Republic is a cool travel destination where you can enjoy not only the breathtaking landscape but also its colourful cultural history.

In the Czech Republic, each day of your stay will be a whole new experience as you delve into the amazing and cultured cities that are jam-packed with art and music scenes.

If you’re going to visit the Czech Republic, start with the cradle of the country’s culture — Prague. It surely is one of the most fascinating cities in Europe which offers a medieval core of amazing Gothic architecture that will take you back five centuries. Here, you will see the 14th Century Charles Bridge which connects neighbourhoods across the Vlatava River. You will also find St. Vitus Cathedral—a classic sight truly worth your visit. However, Prague is not just about historical architecture — you will also find an urban centre and a growing foodie scene.

Another destination that you shouldn’t miss is Bohemia where you will be able to discover the origins of the bohemian lifestyle. Next, move to Moravia and enjoy the vintage culture. If you want to have the complete opposite, travel to Brno. For a livelier appeal that tourists usually love, walk into the city of Cesky Krumlov.

Besides these iconic cities, there are many other attractions that you should include in your itinerary such as the winding tunnels of the Machocha Caves, the wonderful lakes under the Palava Hills and the Holy Trinity Column which is the largest single baroque sculpture in the central European region.

When it comes to food, a must try is the traditional three-course meal consisting of hot soup, a meat-based side dish and pastry or vegetable salad. The beer is good in this country too! Since Pilsner Urquell was invented in 1842, the country has been famous for producing some of the best beer in the world.

You shouldn’t leave the country without trying out exciting activities and sports. Swim in the koupaliste which are public swimming areas, hike and discover nature, ride a bike or grab a pair of inline skates.

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