Destination Wedding: Deciding on the Finer Details

One of the main problems couples have when planning their destination wedding is organising the finer details.

It’s common to think it will be much harder than it seems to organise the location, decorations and suppliers from a distance – and what on earth does one do about a guest list for a destination wedding?

Luckily, it’s not as hard as people think, especially with the services of a dedicated wedding planner. Here’s how to organise the finer details when planning your destination wedding:


Only you and your partner can know where you really want to marry. Do you fancy a beachside ceremony or mountaintop celebration? Think about your ideal setting, and then research destinations where you can make this happen.

It’s a good idea to consider how financially and physically capable your guests are when considering destinations. If money isn’t an object and everyone is fit and eager to travel, the world is your limit!

Popular destinations that involve some travel time from Australia include: the USA (think Las Vegas and the deserts around, Colorado’s mountains or New York City!), the Caribbean, or the picturesque towns of Europe.

If money’s a bit tighter or your guests would prefer somewhere they can fly directly to, consider Asia or Polynesia. Bali, Thailand and other South East Asian destinations are very cheap and easy to fly into. Fiji and other paradise islands are also reachable by direct flight.

Consider the legalities of marrying at your chosen destination. It’s harder to marry in some places than others, so do your research before getting your heart set on somewhere! Of course, there is always the option of legally marrying at home and celebrating abroad.

Look at accommodation costs as well as flight prices – because unless you can afford to contribute, your guests will need to pay this fee as well.

If possible, plan to wed in a destination you’ve already holidayed to or have the capacity to visit before the wedding.

Once you have a destination in mind, contact a wedding planner who specializes in that location. It’s time to put your dreams into action!

Guest List

Weddings these days tend to turn into a reunion of people you haven’t spoken to in 5 years and your in-laws’ distant relatives. But for destination weddings, you don’t have to invite the world!

Focus on the main people in your life, like your family and close friends. The general consensus for destination weddings is that most people will only pay to go to a good friend or family member’s wedding abroad. So, don’t sweat and only invite who you really want!


You’re having a non-traditional wedding, so why not go for something completely different in terms of wedding menus? A buffet of local food is a popular choice – especially if you’re getting married in Asia. This could be a delicious, cheap and memorable wedding breakfast!

Forget the norms and go with what your heart wants. Just don’t forget to note any guests’ dietary requirements and make sure that they aren’t lost in translation.


There’s lots of Australian based wedding suppliers who will love to make you an invitation! It gives designers the chance to be creative and do something a bit different; so get in touch with any local designer for a quote.

Decorations and Flowers

You’ll find that you won’t be needing as many decorations and flowers when you’re getting married in paradise – after all, you chose the setting for its beauty, didn’t you? This is often a massive saving with destination weddings! You could also consider decorating your venue in exotic flowers or plants native to the country.


One of the most difficult parts of a destination wedding is finding a photographer you trust. You don’t want just anyone taking photos of your big day, after all! If you can afford it, consider inviting a photographer out with you and covering their expenses. A lot of photographers will seize at the chance to travel and add to their portfolio, and may even make it into a holiday too.

If not, you’ll have to trust your wedding planner. The world is nowadays a much smaller place, and there’s a lot of people working remotely in different destinations around the world. Many of these are qualified photographers who will love to capture your big day! And don’t underestimate local businesses too – there are very talented photographers all over the globe.


A destination wedding is the perfect opportunity to have a more local dessert! Think about your location and its regional flavours; how about opting for exotic local fruit as decoration and a coconut interior? Alternatively, local vanilla can be a great option in some countries or in the Caribbean, rum cake always goes down a treat.
There are a lot of skilled bakers all over the globe; your wedding planner will no doubt be able to advise you on a great fit for your celebration!


It’s important to remember the climate of your destination when deciding on the dress code. If you’re getting hitched in the European Alps, you might need extra layers, whereas if you’re marrying in the humidity of Bali, a traditional wedding dress may be too stifling!

It’s the perfect option to either go against tradition or adapt your style accordingly, depending on your destination. Be creative!

It’s a good idea to get your dress sorted ahead of time and have it delivered to your home. You might need to have it sent to the destination as recorded delivery, so it doesn’t end up as lost baggage.

Sometimes the answer is to just get started. Planning your wedding should be an exciting process. Relax and enjoy the experience of making your Big Day everything you want it to be.



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