Destination Wedding: Persuading your Partner that it’s a good idea

Sunkissed beaches, turquoise waters, and golden sands are all images that spring to mind when imagining a destination wedding.

Indeed, people who get married abroad often feel like they’re celebrating in paradise; but there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes too.

A destination wedding is not always looked on favourably, by both family members and maybe even your significant other. You might have your heart set on a beach wedding in Bali or a mountainside ceremony in Switzerland; but what if your partner has other ideas?

If you want to try and persuade your partner to have a destination wedding, here’s some frequent objections to destination weddings and solutions:

Destination Weddings Are Expensive

Or are they? Statistics show that it’s actually a lot easier to cut costs when having a destination wedding – and destination weddings cash in up to 40% less than home celebrations. Most countries in the world are a lot cheaper than Australia, meaning that a lot of costs will be a fraction of the price you’ll pay back home.

Plus, because destination weddings are naturally non traditional, you have free reign to operate the celebrations however you want. You could throw the ‘white wedding’ out the window and opt for tropical dress; and often destination wedding settings are so scenic that you won’t need to pay for any decoration!

I can’t ask the guests to pay!

Of course, where the bride and groom tend to save on destination weddings, the guests often shell out for flights and more accommodation than they would for a wedding in Australia. However, many guests are happy to think of the destination wedding as a holiday.

If there are guests who cannot pay but who you really want there, you could consider paying part of their fare, or picking a location with some cheap accommodation aside from the main hotel. You could also choose a destination that’s inexpensive to reach from Australia; plane tickets to Bali, for example, can cost less than $100 one way.

You may find that your accommodation offers discounts for group bookings; various airlines do as well. Looking into these when planning your destination wedding is a great way of keeping the cost down.

Destination weddings can be very handy if there are any people that you don’t want to come. You’ll often find that less people will expect invites to weddings abroad – especially if they’re not that close to you – so you can talk about your wedding to your heart’s desire without inviting the whole office!

Some relatives cannot travel

Sadly, you may have some relatives who will not be able to make the wedding. This could be due to age, disabilities, having young children or just not being able to take the time off work.

This is unavoidable; but you could still include them by skyping or facetiming them during the day and having a post wedding party when you return.

Choosing direct flights and accessible accommodation is one way to help any mobility impaired guests make your wedding.

What about the legalities?

There are sometimes grey areas about getting married in certain destinations, and there have been instances where a married couple has returned back to Australia to find out that in the eyes of law, they are not husband and wife.

Avoid this by being very clear about the marriage laws in your country of choice and having all the correct documentation with you. Another option is to legally marry in Australia first and just have a blessing and the reception abroad.

What about language and cultural barriers?

Your wedding planner is your best friend! They’re here to help with language barriers and any cultural differences you may have when negotiating with foreign businesses, ensuring that you will have a smooth-running and stress free day. Wedding planners have done this hundreds of times before and will know exactly what to do when it comes to your big day.

How will we know we like the destination?

The easiest way to know this is to go there – but that’s not always practical. You could opt for a destination that you’ve both been to before and loved – many wedding couples choose this anyway for sentimental value.

If you haven’t been before and can’t afford to go on a pre-wedding trip, there’s an abundance of information online and with travel agents. The internet has made the world a smaller place; and now, when researching somewhere online, you can almost feel like you’re there…

The best way to come to a decision about whether a destination wedding is right for you is of course to sit down and talk it through.  Your partner may take a little convincing that a destination wedding is a good idea but ultimately there will be a solution to suit you both.

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