Destination Wedding: How Will Family and Friends React?

There can be a certain stigma surrounding a destination wedding.

Family members often think that those having a destination wedding are thoughtless, especially if it means that not everyone who would come to a wedding at home can make it abroad.

If you’ve got your heart set on marrying on one of Bali’s most beautiful beaches or high up in the Swiss Alps, it can be difficult to break the news to your family and friends. The likelihood is that your guest list will not be the same as if you were to wed at home, and some people may not be able to afford to go or to take time off work. Here’s some tips to ease the blow when you’re telling family and friends about your plans to have a destination wedding.

Tell them early

Two years is a good amount of advance time to tell your friends and family about your destination wedding. This gives them the chance to think about their finances, to work out a budget and assure time off work. It also gives you lots of time to plan and takes a lot of pressure off of both you and your family!

Book an appropriate date for your guests

If your guests include children, make sure you arrange your wedding to be in school holidays. Alternatively, if most of your guests don’t have children, they will probably find it cheaper and easier to get time off work out of school holidays. If you’re not sure when will be best for them, you could always take a poll when you first mention the destination wedding; this shows that you’re considering your guests’ needs.

 Suggest they treat it like a holiday

If they’re a bit skeptical about your destination wedding at first, suggest that they treat the celebration like a holiday during which you’ll just so happen to get married! You’ll no doubt choose a location with lots of fun things to do; whether it includes scuba diving in Indonesia or exploring the cute little towns of Europe, your guests are sure to find enough to fill a holiday there! If they think of the expenditure as a holiday cost rather than a wedding expense, the attitude they have toward your destination wedding may well change.

Remind them that you’ll have more time to spend with the guests

One of the main problems with normal weddings is that you never get enough time to spend with your guests. Brides and grooms often try to spend a little time with everyone on their wedding day, meaning they can spread themselves very thin! But if you’re abroad for at least a few days with a more select list of guests, you’ll have plenty of time to catch up with each guest individually.

 Note that it might be somewhere they wouldn’t go otherwise

If you’re marrying in a far-flung location and your guests are having doubts, remind them that they might not have the chance to visit the destination again. A destination wedding is a great excuse to go somewhere different and who knows, they may well fall in love with it!

 It’s perfect for families who live all over the world

If your family live in places other than Australia, a destination wedding can be a fantastic alternative. They’re especially popular for weddings where the couple are from different countries; rather than choosing one home country over another, families can meet in the middle, somewhere completely new!

Offer to sacrifice on other things to make it cheaper

If your guests are concerned about the financial implications of a destination wedding, you could assure them that you’ll have a cheap bachelorette or bucks party and suggest that they don’t worry about wedding gifts or a bridal shower. There are plenty of ways to cut costs in the run up to weddings that will make a destination wedding seem a much more feasible option!

 Choose a cheap destination

Opting for the cheapest possible location could make your wedding very inexpensive. Assure your guests that you’ll find good value accommodation options and flight deals – you might even be able to get offers for group bookings or due to the fact that it’s your wedding!

 Assure them that you’ll have a celebration at home too

If your guests can’t make your destination wedding, they might, understandably, be gutted. You could organize a separate party for when you’re back at home that everyone will be able to attend, so any guests who couldn’t make it abroad will still be able to celebrate with you.


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