14 Shopping Holiday Destinations

14 Shopping Holiday Destinations

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Shopping can be a very relaxing experience for everyone.

Some people, however, turn it into a form of art – they know which the best goods are, where the finest products can be bought and when is the best time to catch a bargain.

This bucket list of the best shopping destinations has been arranged thanks to the global experts in fashion and shopping. The cities have been selected thanks to the affordability of the shopping zones, the world famous markets, the sale seasons and bargain opportunities, the range of shopping categories and brands, the beauty of the window displays in and out of the holiday season, and competence of the staff.

Some people are real bargain hunters, others are just window shoppers and still others are regular buyers, but all of them love trips that include a stop at a unique boutique or store. So, which are the best shopping locations around the world? Have a good look at the list and the shopping destinations offered and then start planning your next trip!

  1. New York, USA

New York city invented shopping. There is so much diversity here, so many department stores and boutiques and designer brands. The island of Manhattan is full of shopping heavens, Soho is so trendy and Upper West Side is so chic. Plan a shopping spree in Upper East Side and you will see world-famous window displays, beautiful boutiques and designer labels. Visit Fifth Avenue and check the goods at Tiffany’s. If you are looking for records, then head to Chicago, as the Windy City has a large collection of record stores.

  1. London, UK

London is among the top fashion capitals in the world and a major shopping destination. It has an impressive choice of department stores and boutiques, that offer high-quality goods and many local and international brands. The must-visit shopping places include all stores along Oxford Street, department store Liberty with its combination of impressive Tudor-style exterior and contemporary in-house designer stationery and accessories.

Make sure to check out Portobello Road with its vintage markets and the Maltby Street Market with its artisanal vendors. Another great place to shop is Dover Street Market.

  1. Milan, Italy

Milan has the reputation of being the fashion capital of Italy and home to some of the most popular fashion names including Versace, Prada and Dolce and Gabbana. The city is full of boutiques, shopping malls and department stores. Considered to be one of the most important fashion districts in the world, Quadrilatero della Moda also known as Quadrilatero d’Oro, is definitely a place to explore while in Milan. Check the lifestyle showrooms, the jewelry shops and the boutiques. Spent time at the longest established outlet Il Salvagente with its three floors of goods of every size and color with great discount. If you want to visit the largest Fendi store, then head to Rome after your stay in Milan. If you are into perfumes and jewelry, then Florence is the city you have to visit.

  1. Paris, France

As the saying goes, the boutiques in the French capital do not sell clothes but lifestyles. The term haute couture was invented here and the shops in Paris often sell designer products that are useless, yet very beautiful and desirable. Many of the boutiques are arranged in such a way as to combine a trendy café, a florist area and bookstore. The fantastic perfumeries, the impressive designer clothes, and the overall atmosphere, as well as the serious discounts, make dedicated shoppers come back.

The must-visit department stores of Paris are concentrated on Boulevard Haussmann, but not only there. They include Printemps – the largest beauty department store in the world; Le Bon Marche founded back in the 1850s with its gourmet food section; and the extravagant seven-story Galeries Lafayette which has one entire floor fully dedicated to lingerie and a free fashion show each Friday.

  1. Madrid, Spain

The Spanish capital offers some of the best prices on general luxury items. The goods that are unique to the city can be found at Capas Sesena – a store established back in 1901, selling traditional cotton velvet and wool capas for both women and men. The shop is known for its famous clients among which being Picasso himself. Another great store to check is Casa de Diego with its castanets, mantillas, fans and combs, as well as umbrellas with engraved silver handles. Try also Plenilunium and Rozas Village, but if you want to buy something traditional and authentic, try the small family-run shops in Madrid.

  1. Vienna, Austria

The Austrian capital has some of the finest, best value luxury goods in Europe and even if its shops and boutiques close early, the city is a favorite destination for the dedicated shoppers. Vienna is famous for its Naschmarkt which is centuries old and 1.5 km long, full of food vendors selling pancakes, cheeses and seafood. The Christmas Market in Vienna by City Hall is even more appealing with its gluhwein and fairy tale elements.

  1. Seoul, South Korea

Many people in South Korea are addicted to shopping. The country records a huge amount of credit card transactions, the largest in the world. The capital city has impressive and very luxurious department stores, late-night shopping malls and nice street carts. The luxury goods from abroad that are being sold here are quite expensive, except when found at the airport where they are duty-free.

Great places to visit if you want to buy more traditional goods include Namdaemun Market, Seoul Folk Flea Market, Fyeongdong Market.  Seoul is also known as the capital of beauty, so there is a large market for some of the best beauty products in the world.

  1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a small kingdom in size, yet it is home to the largest shopping mall in the world with own waterfall, theme park, huge ice ring, fountains, aquarium, etc. The Dubai Mall is home to the Galeries Lafayette and to the first Bloomingdale’ shop outside the USA. Dubai is also home to the Mall of the Emirates, where is to be found the first ever indoor ski resort in the Middle East.

Each year in January and February the city hosts the Dubai Shopping Festival at the Dubai Mall. The visitors can enjoy the fireworks, but also can make most of the discounts and the package deals on clothing, electronics and many popular items.

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentine

Buenos Aires is the city to shop at if you are after high-quality leather goods. Check the three Mocasines Guido stores for exclusive leather shoes. Visit Calle Murillo as well – this is the street of the leather shops, some of which offer tailoring services too. The prices are affordable and the service is excellent.

  1. Hong Kong, China

Shoppers find Hong Kong a great place to find good value for money. The local shop clerks are very good at helping visitors who are not yet sure what they need or want to buy. The city is famous for its boutiques, Fang Fong Projects store with its modern and tastefully designed clothes, and with the KniQ store which is often visited by celebrities. The main shopping district in Hong Kong is called Wanchai where you can find many popular clothing stores. Check the Stanley Market, the Ladies Market, and the Queen Road Central.

  1. Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An is a beautiful ancient port town which is known for the custom tailors that are offering clothes of excellent quality at affordable prices. Many travelers visit Hoi An to buy what they need for special occasions such as wedding gowns and custom suits.

  1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Three of the ten largest malls in the world are located in the capital of Malaysia. This includes 1 Utama, which has more than 650 shops, the largest indoor rock climbing facility in Asia and an impressive rooftop garden with an indoor rainforest, freshwater aquarium, koi ponds and more than 500 species of exotic plants. Travelers love to visit Kuala Lumpur for the high-quality shopping offered, the reliable sales and the affordable prices.

  1. Moscow, Russia

Spend time in downtown Moscow where you will find plenty of glamorous stores that sell designer goods and beautiful souvenirs, warm leather clothes and jewelry.

  1. Tokyo, Japan

Japan’s capital, Tokyo offers a delightful shopping experience. The city has wonderful department stores that provide excellent service. The must-see shopping places here include the huge Isetan store that offers personalized service and shopping consultants with a fabulous food hall in the basement floor with Japanese bento boxes, French macaroons and pastries. Check also Yanaka Ginza shopping street, Tsukiji Fish Market and the interesting seven-story Pop Life Sex Department Store and the Comme des Garcons store. The historic market Ameya Yokocho is also a place to see with more than 500 shops selling everything. The prices of goods in Tokyo are affordable, which is great.