Bangkok: Day and Weekend Trip Inspiration

Bangkok: Day and Weekend Trip Inspiration

Bangkok is great… but sometimes, everyone needs a break from the busy city!

These day and weekend trips from Bangkok will take you out of the crazy capital and into the surrounding nature and cultural attractions.

Some of these can be done in a day, others require an overnight stay, and a few are best appreciated with a stay of a few nights… but they’re all easily accessible, leaving you plenty of time to make your flight at the end of your trip to Bangkok!

Samut Prakan (Ancient Siam)

Not far from Bangkok city, Samut Prakan, or Ancient Siam, is a really pleasant place to visit, especially for history fans. The ancient city spans over 200 acres, and it recreates amazing Thai archaeological sites, many of which no longer exist or are difficult to reach. The park even has the same shape as Thailand!

Ancient Siam is only an hour’s drive from the city. If you are heading that way, take a taxi the whole way, or catch the Skytrain to On Nut Station and taxi from there.

Koh Samet

You’ll have to take a boat to reach this destination, but it is a really great spot that is well worth the visit. It is located around 4.5 hours from Bangkok and bus-boat combos can be booked from travel agents.

Head to Koh Samet for some fresh air, salt water and beach vibes. Koh Samet offers the opportunity to enjoy a slower pace of life to what you find in the capital. You won’t be able to squeeze in a Koh Samet day trip, but it’s worth a weekend visit, especially if you are running out of days before your flight yet want a quick beach escapade from the city.


From 1350 to 1767, Ayutthaya was the ancient capital of Siam. It can be visited in either a day trip or an overnight stay from Bangkok. The beautiful temples of the complex are breathtaking and can be toured by bicycle.

The temples and museums of the area showcase an impressive amount of the country’s history and it is a great spot to just absorb the atmosphere. The best way to reach Ayutthaya is by train, which takes around two hours.

Khao Yai National Park

Just three hours from Bangkok, Khao Yai National Park is a beautiful spot that is well worth the trip. Home to hidden waterfalls and animals like elephants, tigers and leopards, it is no wonder why so many people are compelled to visit Khao Yai National Park.

You can reach Khao Yai National Park by bus, minivan or train. It takes around 3 hours. It is recommended you spend at least one night in the park, or maybe even two.

Hua Hin

If you want to get to a beach, but can’t bear the thought of a boat crossing, check out Hua Hin on the mainland. It is a popular destination for tourists, expats and Thai nationals. It is though large enough to never feel too crowded.

There is plenty to keep you occupied in Hua Hin. From spas, golf, Buddha statue spotting and shopping, you shouldn’t get bored while in this coastal town. You can take a direct train from Bangkok to Hua Hin, which is the best way of getting there – once you disembark the train you will be right in the centre of the town.


This day trip from Bangkok is an important spot to learn about one of the most harrowing parts of Thailand’s modern history. Visitors to Kanchanaburi will learn about the construction of the railway and how it took so many lives. There is also a war museum which is well worth the visit.

Wat Saman Rattanaram

This larger-than-life attraction is the biggest reclining Ganesha in Thailand – and maybe even the world! At 16 metres high and 22 metres long, you won’t be missing this Hindu deity on a trip to Wat Saman Rattanaram. Nearby, there is also a floating market which sells some delectable foods.

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