Bangkok: Top 5 Attractions

Bangkok: Top 5 Attractions

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With an almost lifelong reputation as South East Asia’s most famous city, you will never be bored in bustling Bangkok.

Bangkok is the East’s version of the city that never sleeps, with attractions ranging from ancient temples to the neon lights of Khao San Road.

You can be both traditional and outrageously wacky in the space of two hours in Bangkok; and this is why the capital of Thailand draws so many people in.

You might be wondering what the best things are to do in Bangkok. With so many attractions to suit every travellers wants and needs, it’s worth spending a few days here.

Here are the five best things to do in Bangkok, which are great for all ages. Bear in mind that there are lots more attractions in Bangkok – the best ones for you will depend on your personal preference – but these attractions are universally compelling for nearly everyone.


1. The Grand Palace

Beginning its construction in 1782, the Grand Palace took almost 100 years to be completely built. It was firstly the home of King Rama I, and remained the residence of royalty until 1925. It has been built upon by different leaders for 200 years, which gives it the unique architectural style that it has today. It is hard to imagine a building like the Grand Palace anywhere else in the world.  Its gold detailing and elaborate architectural styles create an image that could only be found in this part of South East Asia.

You must cover up when visiting the Grand Palace – shorts and sleeveless tops are not permitted for men or women. You can purchase pants or scarves at the gates, however these prices are inflated. Admission is 500 baht, and it is open from 8:30am – 15:30pm.


2. Wat Pho

The Temple of the Reclining Buddha is a Bangkok must-see. The regal statue is a whopping 46 metres long, and you can walk its length while in the temple. It is a fantastic spectacle to admire, even if the crowds are big and it is difficult to photograph the whole thing at once!

Don’t leave the Wat Pho complex after you have seen the reclining Buddha; your ticket admission includes the entire temple, and there is so much more to see. The complex is spread out and there are different temples to enter and enjoy, as well as people practicing tai chi and hundreds of smaller seated Buddha statues.


3. Khao San Road

The somewhat notorious Khao San Road is a mecca for backpackers, with every other building seeming to be a bar blaring out chart music. But it’s worth a stroll down, to grab some street food or cheap beer, or to just witness the non-stop road that never seems to sleep.

In the area, there are other roads that are much quieter – so don’t feel like you have to stick to just Khao San! Some roads around have a much more chilled out vibe, with bars playing all different types of music and with very different atmospheres. If you fancy some nightlife in Bangkok, somewhere around Khao San Road will suit you.


4. Floating Market

The most popular floating market in Bangkok is Damnoen Saduak, but there are others dotted around the capital as well. Damnoen Saduak is best visited in the morning and is located a bit out of the city. You can reach the market by bus and floating tailboat.

The market is home to fresh produce, as well as tourist items like toy elephants, tiger balm and souvenir t-shirts. It is also a great place to grab some street food, which can be sweet or savoury. It’s a very Thai experience and visiting Damnoen Saduak is a fantastic morning out of the city!


5. River Cruise

The Chao Phraya, which is also known as ‘The River of Kings’, is a fantastic cruise spot. Travelling down the river on a boat gives you the opportunity to see some of Bangkok’s best attractions, such as Wat Arun and the Grand Palace, from the unique vantage point of the water.

Choose from quick sightseeing cruises or dinner cruises, which can range from buffet-style lunches and dinners to six course meals. You can enjoy jazz and pop music on board, and many cruise trips offer complimentary drinks, hotel pick-up and other perks.

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