Dishes You Must Try on Your Trip to Chile!

Chile: Culinary Delights to Savour

While its cuisine isn’t world-famous, there are still some great dishes to sample while you’re in Chile.

The cuisine here bears similarities to other Latin America staples, but it often has its own very unique twist; which can vary in different regions of the country.

Chile is a great place to sample some dishes that you may have seen elsewhere in Central and South America, as well as to enjoy dishes that can only be found in the country.

We hope you’re hungry, because here are some of the best foods you can try while you’re in Chile!



They’re one of the main foods to eat during Fiestas Patrais – which are celebrations held every September – however, there is no reason not to eat these pastries year-round – Chileans do! They come fried or baked and are stuffed with either cheese, fish or a mix called pino which contains ground beef, egg, olive and onion. Empanadas are popular all over Chile and can be found in other South American countries as well.



If you’ve travelled elsewhere in Latin America – even as far up as Mexico – you’ll have undoubtedly come across the delicious ceviche. In Chile, it is made with corvina or reineta fish. The fish is prepared raw but marinated with lemon juice. It tends to be served with onions, garlic, cumin, olive oil and red pepper.



A popular street food snack, humitas are sweet doughy dishes made with boiled flour and corn dough. They are cooked with butter, onion and basil and are served wrapped in corn husks. They can be bought on street food stalls or at corner stores.


Mote con Huesillos

One of the best things to drink in Chile, mote con huesillos is a tasty non-alcoholic beverage that is perfect for people of all ages. It is made with dried peaches, husked wheat and a syrup consisting of caramelised sugar, cinnamon and water, and it is served cold. Popular during summertime, it is sometimes sweetened with sugar or chancaca – a Latin-American sweetener.



These delicious deep-fried pastries are a very popular Chilean dish. They can be served sweet or savoury, typically as a dessert or entrée. When served sweet, they have honey or syrup drizzled on them, and when savoury, they are stuffed with meat, cheese and pepper.

They actually orginate in New Mexico’s Albequerque and have a history of over 200 years, however nowadays they are very much a staple Chilean food. They are also popular in Argentina and Uruguay and of course, New Mexico. They’re such a versatile dish because you can add many different ingredients – so whether you’re a sweet tooth, a savoury fan, a meat lover or vegetarian, you’ll find a version of this dish to suit you.


Pastel de Choclo

This beef and corn pie is a great comfort food.  It consists of spiced and flavoured ground beef with a pureed corn crust, resembling a casserole when it is cooked. The beef and onion filling is called pino – which is also used in Empanadas, mentioned above – and sometimes slices of hard boiled egg, raisins and olives are added as other layers, giving the dish another dynamic.

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