Also known as Timor-Leste, East Timor is a South East Asian country that you will surely want to explore.

If you want to have some adventure, you’ve come to the right place.

This country, with a thriving population, has an increasingly international presence because of its amazing landscape and the many exciting activities that await you.

You can start your journey with Tutuala where you will find archaeological remains and amazing paintings from thirty thousand years ago. Next, don’t forget to include Baucau in your list and marvel at the charm of this colonial town and its thriving market of colourful wares.

After going to Baucau, head to Manatuto and see the countless salt and tamarind productions. If you are looking for a great place to unwind and relax, go to the city of Dili and enjoy its charming ambiance.

Want to see breathtaking mountains and valleys? Go to Gleno and enjoy the view. Other spots that you should not miss when you visit East Timor include Maliana, PanteMakasar, Liquica, Suai, Viquegue and Ainaro.

One thing that this country is most famous for is the mesmerizing natural attractions that many tourists enjoy. You can visit the various fresh water springs on Atauro Island and try scuba diving to see the colourful corals.

Another great way to reconnect with nature is by visiting Mount Ramelau, which is also called Tatamailau. Here, you can go on a pilgrimage to commemorate the annunciation of the Virgin Mary. If you want to go to the beach, head to AreiaBranca which is home to many different species of birds—some of which are even endangered. Finally, complete your trip by visiting the Cristo Rei of Dili which is a statue of Jesus that stands tall at 88 feet. The statue is on top of a globe which can be reached by climbing more than 500 steps.

In terms of East Timorese food, its cuisine involves a lot of spices and rice. The influences of Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Thai, Indonesian, Japanese and Western cuisine are also evident. If you want to try out their local dishes, some of the must-try foods are ikansabuko, budu, batardaan and tapai.

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