England has a rich history, mesmerizing cities and vibrant nightlife.

When tourists travel to England, the cities that they usually visit include London, Liverpool, Bristol, Brighton and Manchester.

When you think of England, the first city that will surely come to mind is London where you can see the iconic Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament and other famous buildings.

Aside from these, the city also offers a rich blend of art, history and politics.  Popular attractions include the Tate Modern, British Museum, West End theatres and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

While you can visit England all year round, it is recommended to travel to this country from April to September, so you will be able to experience mild and dry weather that is ideal for exploring and trying out exciting outdoor activities.

If you want to have a sunny beach trip, you should travel to the country between the months of June and August. In the winter season, the country offers many outdoor ice skating rinks that are near world-famous tourist spots such as Winchester Cathedral and the Tower of London. England during the autumn season is a sight to behold, as the whole country is awash in the colours of yellow and red from the leaves of trees and plants starting to change.

Don’t forget to include Bath in your itinerary.  This city is known for its 18th Century Georgian architecture with a majority of the city being built from honey coloured stone.  Whilst here, be sure to bathe in the natural hot springs at ‘The Great Bath’ and visit Bath Abbey for its spectacular stained-glass windows.

If time permits, try to visit Brighton’s Royal Pavilion, Nottingham’s City of Caves and Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry. Also, you might want to include in your travel plans the ferry boats in Bristol and the Liverpool home of John Lennon; if you are a fan of The Beatles.

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