English Foods to Try While You’re There

English foods lack the glamour of Italian cuisine or the exoticness of the food from Thailand, but England’s national dishes are hearty, filling and leave you feeling good inside.

English foods start from the basics that everyone knows and loves, like an English Breakfast and Roast Dinner, to ones with somewhat sinister names – what exactly is a spotted dick, after all?

One thing’s for sure, English foods are the essence of this great country, and a trip to London wouldn’t be the same without sampling some of these treats!

English Breakfast

Start your day the right way with a full English. Consisting of bacon, eggs, sausage, beans, toast, mushrooms and tomato – you won’t be wanting a huge lunch after one of these! You can find an English Breakfast in hundreds of cafes in the capital and thousands of places throughout the country. And no – the Brits don’t have one for breakfast every single morning!

Roast Dinner

Ask any Brit and they’ll tell you that nothing beats a roast dinner. A traditional roast consists of roast potatoes and vegetables served with beef, lamb or chicken – although variations, including vegetarian versions are becoming more and more common. The plate is covered in a healthy dose of gravy with extras including Yorkshire puddings and a selection of different vegetables, like roast parsnip or mashed swede. Roast dinners are most popular on Sundays, when many pubs all over London and the UK serve them up.
Bangers and Mash

Another meal served with gravy, bangers and mash is sausages (bangers)… and mashed potato. Not the most exciting of dinners, but it’s loved in Britain and is thought by many to be the ultimate comfort food.

Shepherd’s/ Cottage Pie

Shepherd’s pie is what most people call this dish, but really, it should only be named so if it is made from minced mutton meat. If it is made from beef, which it nearly always is, the correct name is cottage pie. It consists of minced meat (or a lentil base for a vegetarian option!), peas and carrots in a gravy sauce, and mashed potato on top.

Fish and Chips

If you’re visiting the great British seaside, you’ve got to have cod and chips. By the coast, the fish is fresh and local, and the chips are fluffy and delicious, doused in salt and vinegar. If you’re not visiting the beach on your trip to Britain, don’t despair – fish and chips are delicious in the cities and inland areas as well.

Afternoon Tea

British people are perhaps most well-known for their love for tea.  It’s not unusual for the British to schedule their day around tea breaks! Afternoon tea in Britain consists of finger sandwiches, small cupcakes, scones and of course, a pot of tea. English Breakfast tea or Earl Grey are popular favourites, but more contemporary teas offer peppermint, green or fruity varieties.

British Puddings

Bread and Butter Pudding

An ingenious way to make good use of bread scraps, bread and butter pudding consists of baked bread, butter, sultanas and custard. It doesn’t sound like it should work, but somehow it does – and it’s a must-taste pudding when you’re in the UK.


A fruit crumble is the summer pudding of choice. Often made with apples, plums or pears – although it can consist of nearly any type of fruit – and comes with a sweet, buttery topping. It’s traditionally served with custard or ice cream.

Spotted Dick

Spotted dick isn’t one of the most delectable British dishes, but it’s almost worth trying for the hilarity of the name alone. Made with suet (which is mutton or beef fat…) and sultanas, spotted dick is an old-fashioned British dessert traditionally served with custard. Try it if you dare!

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