Estonia is a Baltic jewel that you must visit for its breathtaking landscapes, scenic beaches and magnificent architecture.

For a much-needed break from work, Estonia is a country that will make you want to explore.

Here, you will find a lot of exciting attractions and cultural landmarks.  You will also have the chance to engage in a wide variety of activities that suit every type of traveller.

You can begin your journey in the capital city of Tallinn where you can stroll around the cobblestone streets of the marvellous Old Town and experience its friendly neighbourhood. You can stop for a snack at any of the cafes in this city and go shopping in the Hanseatic Fair. Owing to its rich blend of history and the city’s modern skyscrapers in the bustling business centre, Tallinn becomes an interesting place for travellers. Other tourist spots that are worth visiting include Parnu, Otepaa and the Saaremaa Islands.

There are also a lot of traditional landmarks that you can include in your itinerary which will surely make your visit even more remarkable. These include the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Tallinn, the Tallinn Town Hall, Estonian Maritime Museum, St. Nicholas’ Church, Raekoja plats, Kadriorg Palace, Kiek in de Kok and St. Mary’s Cathedral.

If you want to be one with nature, you may like to hike through Otepaa Nature Park, take a trip to Stone Fort or go on a trek up Harimagi hills.

When it comes to Estonian cuisine, many travellers may find the traditional food a bit challenging. However, some of the must-try dishes include their marinated eel which is served cold, Keel Hernestega, Sult, Mulgikapsad, Verivorst and Silgusoust. If you want to truly enjoy these traditional foods, it is recommended to ask what goes into each local dish. Meanwhile, for those who are not so adventurous when it comes to food, don’t worry because there are many restaurants and cafes which can cook something up that suits your palate.

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