“Come to Fiji and let happiness find you.”

That is the motto of this magnificent country.

The South Pacific state is an archipelago consisting of around 300 islands that offers attractive outdoor opportunities. Tourists cherish every moment spent on some of Fiji’s islands, and not only from dawn to sundown. The nation is a dream destination for any type of traveller and has something to offer to everyone.

If you are a fan of nature, Fiji has a lot to delight you with. Stunning white-sand beaches, splashed by the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean and fringed by palm and coconut trees, are sights to behold. Away from them, lush rainforests may hide magnificent waterfalls laying in surprise. If you take the opposite direction and plunge into the blue infinity, the fascinating underwater world proves to be equally, if not more, attractive. Finally, it won’t take you long to find that Fiji is a multicultural destination combining Polynesian, Asian and European influences.

People that prioritize incredible beaches should head to the Mamanuca Islands. There, you will find the most photogenic beaches of the archipelago. Kadavu Island, on the other hand, is a paradise for hikers. This island without roads offers as authentic and as primordial experience as it gets. Furthermore, Taveuni Island boast verdant forests that guarantee first-class hiking and birdwatching activities. This magnificent island is also known as “The Garden Island.”

Coral reefs offer extraordinary snorkelling and diving opportunities. Around 1500 marine species inhabit the reefs, including whales, dolphins, sharks and turtles. Once nostalgia for the civilization takes hold of you, head to Suva, the capital city of Fiji. There, enjoy the multicultural character of Fiji at its best and the finest nightlife around.

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