Welcome to Finland, a country of preserved wilderness.

Located in Scandinavia, northern Europe, this amazing country is a combination of many superlatives.

Finland gifted sauna to the world and is the legendary home of Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas. Furthermore, the nation prides itself on 40 national parks and more islands than any other country in the world.

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is a gateway of this enchanting country that features short, yet joyful summers and long winters. Towers and spires of historic churches define the city’s skyline while social life takes place in many bars, restaurants and music venues. Tampere and Turku are other top cities in the country. All of them become especially cheerful places with the arrival of summer, which is the season of festivals.

Besides festivals and other popular events, summer features almost never-ending days in Finland when it barely gets dark. The countryside, comprising of endless taiga forests and numerous lakes, becomes suitable for many outdoor activities. Hiking, rafting, kayaking and mountain biking are some of them that may allow you to observe birds, elks/wapitis and bears.

After a short, yet turbulent summer, Finland becomes a winter fairy-tale wonderland. Sledging, skiing and other popular winter sports become available countrywide, as well as observing magnificent Aurora Borealis. Stay in an ice hotel to admire a spectacular array of colours. In Rovaniemi, a Lapland village intersected by the line marking the Arctic Circle, pay a visit to Santa Claus in his office.

Furthermore, this Scandinavian country features several UNESCO sites. One you can visit from Helsinki with ease is Suomenlinna.  It is a masterpiece of military engineering. Comprising several islands and a network of dungeons, the fortress is a relic of the Swedish rule over these regions.

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