Germany is a country of grand scenery and turbulent history.

It is also a spectacular blend of medieval and modern times. Germany boasts a rich art scene, delicious cuisine and striking palaces.

Germany is a highly-developed Central European nation. A trip through the country reveals nothing but impeccably maintained green areas and trees arranged in perfect order along the roads. These roads lead you between towns and cities that are either Catholic or Protestant without any clear boundary or apparent order. Also, the country has many biospheres and national parks that you will find have been unaffected by man.

You can arrive in this historic country via many international airports. Once there, high-speed trains and low-cost airlines allow you to get around in an economical and efficient manner. Take some time to explore top-rated cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich.

In Berlin, take a look at the vestiges of the Cold War confrontation. Also, the capital of Germany is a melting pot of nationalities and religions co-existing in harmony. Hamburg is a port city consisting of channels, first-class museums and fascinating landmarks. Frankfurt, also known as “Mainhattan” because of the river Main, is a city of striking skyscrapers. Finally, Munich, the capital of Bavaria, is renowned as the home of the world-famous Oktoberfest.   This festival is the largest in the world, attracting 6 million visitors each year!

From Munich, set out to discover Bavarian fairy-tale castles. The Nymphenburg Castle is near the city centre while Neuschwanstein and Linderhof are farther afield. Eagle’s Nest, Hitler’s refuge during the Second World War, is also near.

The list of national parks in Germany is long and many pleasures await you there. Cycling, boating and hiking are especially popular activities that will take you through verdant alpine forests, gorges, valleys and other incredible landscapes. Some especially noteworthy German national parks are Saxon Switzerland, Jasmund and Müritz.

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