Gibraltar is the bridge between Europe and Africa.

In this small British Overseas Territory, you will discover a successful blend of English, Spanish and Moorish influences. Also, Gibraltar surprisingly presents many tourist opportunities for a territory whose surface area is less than 7 km2.

This tiny slice of south-western Europe features rich culture, extraordinary cuisine, attractive nightlife and premium shopping. More so, you can set off on a hike or enjoy great diving here. If you start feeling a little confined in such a limited space, Spanish Andalusia and Moroccan Tangier are close-by.

A 426 metre (1398 feet) high limestone promontory, called the Rock, is the dominating feature of Gibraltar. Climb to its summit to enjoy extraordinary panoramic views overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Spain and North Africa. Also, explore a network of caves and tunnels excavated from the 18th to the 20th Century for military purposes. The Rock is also a great place for hiking and exploring – here you will see unique plants, migratory birds and more. You are also likely to see Barbary macaques, a monkey species that thrives here.

When you climb down the Rock, a wide range of activities awaits you. One of the unavoidable ones is shopping. Gibraltar is a duty-free zone, so make a list of expensive items you would like to buy before you arrive. Beverages, jewelry, perfume, electronics and cigarettes are popular duty free purchases here.

If enjoying six beaches of the British Overseas Territory isn’t enough for you, plan to take a dolphin-watching tour. Also, don’t miss an opportunity to admire the Palladian architecture and Christian, Muslim and Jewish religious structures.

Before you leave Gibraltar, head to Tangier. There, you can lay eyes on the historic medina (walled town) and discover the heritage of colonial France. If that isn’t your speed, take the opposite direction and visit the renowned Spanish region of Andalusia. Gorgeous beaches of Marbella and the incredible cities of Seville, Cordoba, Granada and Malaga are just a few pearls of the necklace known as Andalusia.

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