Greenland has several exciting experiences to offer travellers although some advance planning is probably needed to fit everything into a holiday of one or two weeks.

Greenland is a huge country stretching 2670km from north to south so it can be difficult to decide what attractions you should prioritise when going there for the first time.

If you visit in the summer, you can experience the phenomenon known as the Northern Lights. Greenland is one of the best places in the world to see this magnificent free attraction.  You might also like to visit the UNESCO listed Ice fjord.

The Ilulissat Ice fjord

This is one of the island’s main attractions. Sail among the many icebergs either in daylight or by the light of the midnight sun for an unforgettable experience. You could also visit the area from above with a helicopter flight or hike to one of the abandoned settlements with an experienced guide.

The Cities and Towns

Nuuk is the capital and biggest city and receives the most visitors yet is comparatively small as a capital with just 16,500 inhabitants, one of the smallest settlements can be found at Narsarsuaq, with 140 people.

Dog Sledding

One of the best ways to experience Greenland is on the back of a dogsled as you travel through the white landscape with only the sounds of the dogs and the ice. You can go on a two hour ride or take an expedition lasting several days into the wilderness.

Whale Watching

You can experience watching anything up to fifteen species of whale in the waters surrounding Greenland. In the summer you are more likely to see the humpback whale, the fin whale or the minke whale. In the winter months expect to see the Greenland right whale, the narwhal or the beluga.


Ice is everywhere in Greenland offering infinite amounts of beauty through its ice fjords, icebergs, pack ice and drift ice. 80% of Greenland is covered in ice for the entire year and is one of the country’s major attractions. You will not forget the deafening sound of the ice cracking at the tip of the glacier to form a new iceberg.

The Eqi Glacier

This spectacular glacier flows into a fjord 80km to the north of Ilulissat and you can get up close to the edge of the glacier on a boat and see the giant sized chunks of ice as they break off and fall into the sea below. Pieces break off with such regularity that you are almost assured of seeing this spectacular breathtaking sight. If you have more than just one day to spare you can stay overnight at one of the 11 glacier lodges. They are located close to the edge of the glacier and from this vantage point you can see and hear the formation of new icebergs.

Greenland offers year round experiences, although some are best enjoyed in the depths of winter or at the height of summer.

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