Grenada can be found in the south eastern Caribbean and is made up of the island of Grenada and six other smaller islands.

Grenada is known as the island of spice due to it being one of the world’s leading producers of nutmeg and mace.

You can fly to Grenada using the Maurice Bishop International Airport with connections to other islands in the Caribbean, USA, Canada and Europe. There is a fast ferry service between the capital, St. George’s and Hillsborough on the second largest island of Carriacou.

The tourism industry is one of Grenada’s major economies with the beach and water sports concentrated around the south west of the island close to the capital city.

There are several idyllic beaches to be found on Grenada and the 3km long Grang Anse Beach is considered one of the best beaches in the world. Other favourite spots are the waterfalls with Annandale Waterfall being the closest to St. George’s. Seven Sisters, Tufton Hall, Concord and Mount Carmel are other popular waterfalls that can be easily reached from the island’s capital.

Attractions in or near St. George’s

You can hike a trail that links seven of the waterfalls in the Grand Etang Mountains which are surrounded by pristine condition rain forests. You should allow three to five hours to complete this hike.

The Roman Catholic Cathedral in St. George’s was built in 1818; it is worth viewing the interior with its brightly painted designs. St. George’s Anglican Church was built in 1825 with a clock added in 1904 that plays the Westminster chimes every hour on the hour. This building was badly damaged during Hurricane Ivan in 2004 but despite the damage, it was still used for services.

Fort George is on a promontory to the west of the harbour.  It was built by the French in 1705 and several of the buildings are now used by the local police force. Visitors can visit the fort but it is not in great condition after years of neglect and damage by hurricanes. There is very little information given to tourists within the fort itself but you can get a good view of the surrounding area from the battlements.

The building that today houses the Grenada National Museum has had an interesting past. It was built as a French Barracks in 1704. It was then a prison before its conversion to the first hotel on the island. Now a museum, it has a display of Carib and Arawak artifacts. It also offers the opportunity to view machines and equipment left over from the sugar processing industry that was at one time a major industry on the island. There are also items from the whaling industry and a marble bath that once belonged to Josephine Bonaparte.

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