The island of Guam is the largest, most southerly of the Marianas islands of Micronesia.

Guam has a population of around 165,000 and relies mostly on tourism for its economy. It is located in the Pacific Ocean mid way between Asia and mainland America.

There are lots of activities you can do on Guam, particularly so if you are a little adventurous. You might like to try having a picnic on Alupang Island. This island is about one mile offshore from Dungca’s Beach. It is safe to reach as it is protected by a reef. You can rent a jet ski or kayak to make the journey across the sea where you can picnic on the small secluded cove.

Food lovers might like to try the Guam Island Fiesta Tour. You will be invited into the home of a local family and asked to join them in cultural activities such as coconut husking, tuba drinking as well as tables of authentic Chamarro cuisine.

Meet the World’s Largest Arthropod

Coconut crabs are the world’s largest land living arthropods.  These crabs can weigh around 4.5kg and have a leg span of around one metre. Local people are used to handling them; some are kept as pets but no need to worry as they don’t bite. If you stop by the Chamorro Village Night Market on a Wednesday or Friday, you can handle one yourself.

Dive to See Ship Wrecks

110 feet below the surface of Apra Harbour you will find the SMS Cormoran, the German ship that was deliberately sunk when the USA entered into WW1. Almost touching this wreck is the Japanese cargo ship the Tokai Maru which was sunk during WW2. It is the only dive site in the world where two ships from two different countries sunk during different wars lay so close to each other.

Boonie Stomping

This is a local term for hiking.  There is plenty to explore on Guam – tiny hidden waterfalls, swim holes, hills to climb and thick jungle. The organized treks around the countryside range from easy to difficult and usually begin on Saturday mornings.

Go Carabao Riding

The carabao are docile animals and used as the water buffalo of Guam. They can weigh more than 1000kg and are a national symbol of the island. They have been used in farming for centuries and visitors can ride these creatures although they do tend to move very slowly. You can enjoy this activity at Chamorro Village or Fort Senora Nuestra de la Soledad in the south of the island.

Climb Mount Lamlam

Now, the highest point on Guam is not too high and the summit can be reached in a little over 30 minutes from Cetti Bay along the mountain trailhead. Some locals claim it to be the world’s highest mountain because of the nearby Marianas Trench. The depth of the undersea trench and the summit of Mount Lamlam when put together is much greater than the height of Mount Everest. If Everest was placed in the deepest part of the Marianas Trench, the top would still be far below the surface.

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