You will find Indonesia to be one of the world’s largest island countries in addition to being one of the most diverse.

Many people head straight to Bali and do not see any of the country, but there is so much more to Indonesia than Bali.

Here are some of the top attractions to be found in Indonesia.


Yogyakarta is a charming small town full of local culture and known locally as Jogja. There are lots of small alley ways where you can shop for street art, sample culinary delights from food stalls and marvel at the work of puppet makers. It is one of the main historic hubs of central Java and you should visit the temples of Prambanan and Borobudur – one is Hindu, the other Buddhist.


Bogor is an ideal weekend retreat for many residents of nearby Jakarta.  Here you can relax in the botanical gardens or on the tea plantations you will find in the Puncak mountain range. You could even try a safari while visiting here.


The city of Solo is in central Java and has a long history as it was once the royal city of the Mangkunegaran Principality as well as to the Kasunanen Kingdom. Today it is a centre of education and also home to a thriving art and cultural centre.


Malang is another Indonesian city with a long history. It was once a major city in the kingdom of Mataram. You will find several historical temples to visit here and outside the city you can visit tea plantations and waterfalls in the surrounding mountains. You can also spend some of your time relaxing on the beaches located nearby.


Batu was a favoured hill town retreat of the Dutch during the time of colonial rule. Today those mansions are owned by wealthy Indonesians from cities in East Java that use them as weekend villas. The stunning hills and mountains in this area are used as a base for national and international competitions in the sport of paragliding.


Manado is another town with strong links to the colonial era. It is also the home region of the Minahasa people that remain attached to their customs and local traditions. The architecture in the town is a mix of local styles and European. Manado thrived due to the spice trade but it was badly damaged during the Second World War and local conflicts that continued into the 1950s. In the predominantly Muslim country, Manado’s community is mostly Christian.


Padang has a good reputation for its food and you will be able to find good Padang restaurants all across the islands of Indonesia. It was an important harbour for the Dutch and the Old Town and Harbour are worth visiting for the architecture and historic value. You might also like to visit Chinatown here too.


You will find Ubud on the party island of Bali but it is a place of relaxation, galleries and art festivals. People come here for the culture, peace and quiet. If you want to party then head for Kuta!

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