Italy seems a country designed to be a holiday destination.

It is no wonder that millions of tourists come here every year.  

Iconic places are everywhere in Italy. It is very hard to decide what to visit so, take your time and discover all that you can.

With an endless coast to the Mediterranean Sea, Alps, ancient history, the birth place of Western civilization, arts that inspire the world and the heart of the Catholic Church, Italy offers everything concentrated in a country shaped like a boot. On top of all that, Italians invented pizza, the Mediterranean cuisine and La dolce vita concept.

Italy is crowded with tourists all year long, but here you can make some of the most precious memories.

Go to Rome and see Renaissance art. To see the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Botticelli, and so many great artists of the world is a blessing. To walk on the streets of Rome and act like a Roman is a delight. To enter the Colosseum is empowering. Rome is everything they say it is and more.

See Venice, Verona, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Florence and Pisa. Visit the small Cinque Terre and the stunning Amalfi coast. Feel rich on the stylish Capri island and romantic on Lake Como. Watch the power of nature in Pompeii visiting a city transformed into a death museum in a moment. Visit Genoa to find out where the great navigators of the world once lived.

Italy offers a wealth of surprises. Every town has its own identity and is proud of it. Italy is in fact a group of individual regions with different traditions and lifestyles.

When it comes to lifestyle, Italy is one of the most interesting countries in the world. Italians like to live a good life, to enjoy good food and drink, to relax in the sun and to give themselves time for siesta. They also like great wines and the climate is helping them to produce some of the best wines in the world. The Mediterranean cuisine is famous around the world. It seems that the geography of this country makes everything grow healthy and flavorsome. Italy is also known for its love of fashion, sport cars, yachting and luxury. Visit the stores and you’ll understand. Beauty is in their genes.

The Alpine part of Italy to the north is a different story only found in Italy. More like Germans or Austrians, the Italians that live in the mountains act differently, dress differently and they even build their houses differently. Visit a ski resort or go trekking in the Italian Alps to see that nature gave everything here.

Italy is a place where nature and people met and worked together perfectly. Every corner of this country deserves to be savoured. Try La dolce vita and spoil yourself with an Italian holiday.

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