Lithuania is officially known as the Republic of Lithuania and is located in the Baltic area of Northern Europe.

It is one of three Baltic States to the east of both Sweden and Denmark.

The population is less than 3 million with Lithuanian being the official language spoken here.

Old World Charm

You will find that Lithuania is far from the main busy tourist routes throughout Europe but you will find plenty of old world charm within its small cities and towns filled with cobblestone streets, churches, wonderful food and natural wonders. It is a great place for budget travellers to enjoy and travel is relatively easy in this small and compact country.

The Main Cities of Lithuania

The cities here often feel like they are no more than towns.  The small city centres are hundreds of years old and easy to navigate on foot as you view the magnificent architecture.


Vilnius is the capital and largest city in Lithuania.  The centre of Vilnius’ Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with several churches in various styles mixed in with modern bars, restaurants and cafes. The local history is captured in the museums, old military fortifications and an amazing statue of Frank Zappa.


The second city of Lithuania and for a short time the capital is like a smaller version of Vilnius but with fewer tourists. It has plenty of charm, church towers and museums.  It is a fun place to explore.


This small coastal town on the Baltic Sea grows in size during the summer when Lithuanians head for the beach. It is one of very few coastal spots in the country.

Natural Wonders

Lithuania has several national parks, lakes and forests for outdoor activities such as kayaking, swimming and hiking. Many of the parks are large and with little infrastructure, you are often left on your own in the wilderness.

Aukstaitija National Park is the oldest in the country with several lakes and forests – you can quickly find yourself off the beaten track when visiting here. The Curonian Spit is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a narrow strip of beach with sand dunes and lots of cormorants. While here you can swim, visit museums in the small villages or just enjoy the views.

Interesting Day Trips

There are some interesting sites that are easily reached from Vilnius and only require a few hours of your time. Trakai, just 30 minutes travel time from Vilnius, is an attractive red brick castle-on-a-lake.  The castle and ducks swimming in the moat make some great pictures. About 2 hours drive from the capital will take you to the Hill of Crosses near Siauliai. It is a religious shrine and Soviet protest monument. During the years of Soviet occupation, Lithuanians risked their lives to set up crosses only for the site to be bulldozed over, so to repeat this again and again. The crosses now in their millions symbolize this former occupation.

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