Luxembourg has come a long way from its historic past tainted by the World War to become a progressive country.

Boasting several cultural attractions and natural landscapes, Luxembourg offers a variety of adventures and is suitable for all kinds of travellers.

You can start your trip by visiting the town of Troisvierges where you can see monuments that will take you back to the war era. After this, consider visiting Clervaux where you will find distinctive castles across the city. If you want to see more castles, take a stroll around the cobblestone roads of Vianden.

For those who are interested in a mix of attractions, Diekirch is the place to go.  Here you can take in a brewery museum with World War II equipment and the Église St Laurent.  Next, why not visit Echternach to experience its folkloric festivals and exciting adventure activities?  If you are keen for a slower pace, try Grevenmacherand where you can visit their amazing vineyards and medieval villages.

Another destination in Luxembourg that you shouldn’t miss is Kelsbaach which is a natural reserve.

The capital city of Luxembourg is another tourist favourite because of the Old Town — a UNESCO World Heritage site. After visiting the capital city, travel to the small village of Esch where you can see Sure River valley’s luscious green landscapes and natural beauty.

Some of the most popular tourist spots in Luxembourg include the Luxembourg City History Museum where you can take a glimpse of the country’s rich history, the spectacular Vianden Castle which features Gothic and Romanesque architecture, the Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art (also known as Mudam), as well as the Butterfly Garden filled with exotic species of butterflies and plants.

After a long and tiring day, it’s a good idea to try out the local cuisine which has glaring German and central European influences. Some of the must-try local dishes include the judd mat gaardebounen and Gromperekichelchen, as well as special pastries such as bretzel or quetscheflued.

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