Macau is an autonomous region of China.

Macau was one of the first European colonies in Asia and the legacy of that period is still visible everywhere.

People in Macau are Portuguese, Macanese and Chinese.

The region includes the city of Macau and two islands (Taipa and Coloane) connected to the city by bridges. People come here for historical heritage, gambling, greyhound racing and bungy jumping.

Macau is a city of contrasts as are many Asian cities. A large area of the city is declared UNESCO World Heritage for its cultural and historical significance. Macau is full of temples, churches, palaces, old buildings and even fortresses. Go see the ruins of São Paulo Church, a 17th Century Portuguese church. The church was destroyed by a fire in 1835, but the façade is still standing and it is even more impressive this way. Take a walk on Rua da Tercena, a street popular for art and antique shops. A different world is at every corner in Macau. Near historical buildings you can see Macau Tower, which offers a spectacular view and a unique bungy jumping experience. It is the second highest bungy jump in the world with a drop of 233 metres.

The two connected islands also have their share of visitors. They come here to see “Las Vegas Strip of the East” with its Venice style shopping mall and many other eccentric constructions. It is after all home to the largest casino in the world. If you want some peace and quiet, bypass the casino. These islands are great for hiking or cycling in rural areas.

Macau is a place of adventure and risk. It is a large playground, which offers entertainment at every step. Crowded, fast and magnificent, this region wears its history with a powerful grace.

Macau is famous for its cuisine also – combining Chinese and Portuguese cuisine has resulted in an authentic flavour. This exotic colonist vibe is still present here. You can try dry Chinese almond cookies, but also Galinha à portuguesa. You can end your meal with a Portuguese wine or with a Chinese rice wine. Macau seems to be a city of fortune and possibilities. It’s no surprise that the New Year festival in Macau is one of the most glamorous in the world.

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