Mongolia is the ideal destination if you want to see endless green landscapes, breathtaking scenery and rugged nomadic culture.

You can start your journey by going to Dornod where you will see wide landscapes of grass and fauna.

Next, go to Ulaanbaatar and enjoy the liveliness of the capital city. Here, you will find a perfect blend of modernity and rich culture.  After this, you can move to Ondorkhaan where you can see monuments dedicated to Chinggis Khan and take a peek at Mongolia’s history. If you want to see a mesmerizing temple that offers a picturesque view of the surrounding area, go to Tsetserleg which is located between the rugged mountains.

Another favourite of tourists is Erdenet which features several copper mines across the area. Here, you will also find traces of Russian influence in the culture. After going to Erdenet, you should go to Dalanzadgad which is located in the desert but gives visitors a good view of breathtaking sand dunes and the Flaming Cliffs.

If you find ruins and old structures interesting, Uliastai is the perfect place to visit. After going back to the past at one of the oldest cities in Mongolia, you should head to Moron where you can enjoy modern amenities and Olgii where you can see the mountainous and rocky landscapes. Finally, you can end your journey by going to Hovd which is famous for being a centre of trade since the Qing dynasty. Additionally, the clean rivers and salt lakes are also worth visiting in this area.

Mongolia is frequently visited by tourists because it offers spectacular attractions that no one can resist. Some of these include Choijin Lama Temple which is a Buddhist monastery, the Gandantegchinlen Monastery where you can see the huge statue of the Migjid Janraisig, the Flaming Cliffs where there are fossils of prehistoric animals, as well as the amazing Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park which is home to some endangered species.

In terms of food, some of the local specialties include khuushuu, boodog and fried noodles. The local cuisine in this country normally features sheep, mutton or occasionally beef. Boiled milk tea and the traditional Mongolian beverage called airag are also popular among locals and tourists alike.

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