Nepal is a country located between India and Tibet that features a distinct culture.

It has Indo-China elements and is the home of Mount Everest where only 400 or so climbers make it to the summit each year.

The best thing about this country is that it blends Himalayan views, medieval cities, hill villages, sacred spots and jungles.

You can stroll around the medieval cities of Patan, Kathmandu and Bhaktapur, as well as visit sacred stupas and monasteries. Despite the earthquake in 2015, Nepal is still the Himalayan cultural powerhouse.

If you want to see world-class palaces, temple art and hidden shrines, Kathmandu Valley is the place to go. Other places that you must visit during your trip to Nepal include Thamel and Pokhara and their bakeries.  Also, don’t forget central Chitwan’s luxury safari lodge, the steamy plains close to Lumbini which is the birthplace of Buddha and the national parks with exotic birds and jungle animals such as tigers and crocodiles found south of Nepal’s mountains.

If you are trekker, the Nepal Himalaya will surely amaze you with its jaw-dropping scenery. On the other hand, for those who want to try challenging outdoor activities other than hiking, you can go bungee jumping into a Himalayan gorge or try rafting in the Nepali River.

If you are a keen biker, be sure to visit Kathmandu Valley, known locally as the Nepa Valley, which is well known for its stimulating trails and incredible rural views.  Along the way, stop off at one of the many pilgrimage sites en route which are still regularly visited by Hindus and Buddhas to this day.

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