If you travel across the world to visit the Netherlands or Holland, you will find there is much more to see and learn than the children’s stories you were told.

The Netherlands was once known for its brave explorers but has since become a peaceful and happy land.

There are some very distinct features that everybody knows. Tulips, clogs, windmills, cheese and canals make the Netherlands a fairy tale country, but behind this picturesque life, there is a strong and hardworking nation.

Here you will discover one of the biggest flower markets in the world. Behind their love for windmills and canals, there is one of the most sustainable and ecofriendly economies. The Netherlands seems to know the recipe for happiness.

Amsterdam is the capital and the largest city in the country. It is famous for its tolerance and nightlife, but also for the bicycle culture. More than 30% of people use a bicycle as their daily transportation method. Vibrant and colourful, the city offers outstanding museums where you can admire works of van Gogh, Vermeer or Mondrian. Amsterdam is a place that will teach you what lifestyle means. Stylish and friendly, the city has a fresh air and the most beautiful Dutch architecture.

You cannot see more tulips in one place than in the Netherlands. If you plan your journey during the blooming season, you will have the most wonderful memory to share. From March until May in Keukenhof, Lisse, more than 7 million tulips blossom in the same time.

The best way to travel around the Netherlands is by train. This way you won’t miss the beautiful cities or the endless landscape.  The Netherlands has a flat land, no hills or mountains but it has navigable canals and green fields. It also has a long coastline and some of the most important European ports. Rotterdam is one of them. Rotterdam is a very old port with a long trading history. Today its modern architecture is iconic, but its museums remind us of the stories of navigators.

If Gouda sounds familiar, then you must visit the little town with the same name. Yes, Gouda is the Dutch town that gave Gouda cheese to the world. It still has a cheese market, regularly held in a medieval square. Gouda has Gothic buildings dating back to the 15th Century and a cheese museum. It is a lovely little town where you are welcome to visit dairy farms and learn their secrets.

The Netherlands is an efficient country, with high standards and open minds. Renewable energy, ecology and sustainability are major concerns here. A country with most of its land under sea level has always been forced to come up with smart ideas to survive and develop. The Netherlands has become a benchmark for authenticity and welfare.

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