If France is too far away but you still want to taste some French flavour, why not visit New Caledonia?

New Caledonia is a French dependent territory situated in the Pacific Ocean, to the east of Australia.

New Caledonia is a holiday destination with a twist. Boasting a diverse ethnic combination in an exotic territory, New Caledonia attracts tourists from all over the world.

Here live Kanaks – the indigenous population, French and Polynesian people, and even some Vietnamese and Indonesians.

New Caledonia has only one city. It is called Noumea and it is, of course, the capital.

Noumea is situated on the largest island of the territory, Grande Terre and it is built in Western style. Despite its beautiful and large beaches and colonial buildings, Noumea is not a crowded destination. People preserve language and insist on speaking almost only in French.

There is plenty to see in Noumea. Visit Tjibaou Cultural Centre where you can see artworks of Oceanic cultures. If your timing is good, you can also take part in traditional dance and music shows. The centre has wooden buildings designed by Renzo Piano, be sure to take your time walking among them. Noumea has also plenty of museums, parks and an aquarium.

New Caledonia is a place for water sports. Kite and wind surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving are highly recommended. You can also visit the islands to swim and relax on a different beach every day. New Caledonia’s lagoons have green, blue or turquoise waters. Pont de Mouli in Ouvéa is a road bridge with a view. It is rare to recommend visiting a road bridge, but seeing the view from Pont de Mouli is like seeing a postcard – a perfect blue one. If you are keen on hiking, climb the Ouen Toro Park. Paths with different levels of difficulty attract both walkers and runners.

New Caledonia is a mix of French and Melanesian tastes. Combining French gourmet cuisine with the stunning views of the South Pacific, this region is a holiday paradise. Calm and sunny, with endless possibilities and water taxis, New Caledonia spoils its visitors. Visit the local market, watch the turtles, have a glass of French wine and relax. The salty air will take care of the rest.

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