What is the Code of Practice?

Did you know that most insurance companies subscribe to the general insurance Code of Practice?  So, what is it and how can it help you? The general insurance Code of Practice was introduced by the Insurance Council of Australia in 1996.  It has since been reviewed and updated seven times, the most recent update having […]

What can DFAT do for you?

Most travellers are familiar with the Smartraveller website.  Run by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), it provides a wealth of information for Australians planning to travel overseas. Not only does it provide general travel information, it also provides country specific advisories so that travellers can familiarise themselves with important information about […]

Natural Disaster Series: Hurricanes and Typhoons

As Australians, we’re familiar with cyclones but what do you know about hurricanes and typhoons? Depending on where you’re planning to travel, your trip could be seriously affected by extreme wet weather. Continuing with our Natural Disaster Survival series, let’s take a look at what you need to know and do if you have the […]

Leaving Property Unattended – What’s the big deal?

If you’ve travelled or know someone who’s travelled, chances are you’ve experienced a case of theft or know someone who has. Theft occurs in various ways – bag snatching, pickpocketing, break and enter and even taking items which have been left unattended. Most if not all travel insurance policies carry exclusions relating to unattended property. […]

Natural Disaster Survival Series: Earthquakes

We never imagine the worst happening to us, especially when on holiday.  However, some destinations are prime locations for natural disasters such as hurricanes, cyclones and earthquakes. Throughout our Natural Disaster Survival series, we will look at many types of catastrophic events to help keep you in the know. In this article, we focus on […]

Reciprocal Healthcare Agreements

Australia has Reciprocal Healthcare Agreements with 11 countries.  These agreements entitle Australians to receive free healthcare in those countries. It also entitles citizens of those countries to obtain free healthcare in Australia under the Medicare system. Australia has current Reciprocal Healthcare Agreements with the following countries. Belgium Finland Italy Malta Netherlands New Zealand Norway Republic […]

European Christmas Markets

Everyone loves a Christmas Market – The festive music, delicious delicacies and magical atmosphere bring merriment and joy to even the meanest of scrooges! But, have you ever considered city hopping your way around Europe to find the best Christmas Markets of them all? Well, here are some of the most notable ones for you […]

Preparing Your Smartphone for Travel

Before you go on your next trip, taking some time to prepare your smartphone will help you to get the most out of it while you are on holiday. Here’s what you need to do: Synchronise and delete unwanted data Synchronise your phone with your computer before your trip. This will back up all your […]

San Francisco: Holiday Inspiration

There’s so much to see and do in San Francisco that you could easily fill a holiday with just attractions in the city. But there’s lots to explore in the northern California area. From neighbouring cities with completely different atmospheres to San Francisco, to small nature spots and world-class national parks, there are plenty of […]

Who is a relative?

Your parent is a relative, right? Of course, Mum and Dad are relatives. It is however, worth knowing that in the eyes of insurance, this isn’t always the case. Insurance companies have different definitions of ‘relative’.  These definitions are generally included in the policy and often state that the relative must live in Australia and […]

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