Palau may be known as a diver’s dream destination but it offers so much more.

Palau is a beautiful holiday spot for anyone looking to escape the daily grind.

An archipelago of over 500 limestone and volcanic islands, Palau can be found in the Micronesian region of the western Pacific Ocean.  It is here you will find the famed Rock Islands – a collection of largely uninhabited mushroom shaped islets situated in a huge lagoon.  Protected by reefs, the Rock Islands are home to a diverse array of coral and marine life.

Diving and snorkeling opportunities abound in Palau – the reefs and lagoons host sharks, turtles, black coral trees and gorgonian fans.  The Peleliu Wall is a world renowned wall dive and following occupation by Spanish, German and Japanese military forces, Palau offers the option to dive amongst wrecks of World War II cargo ships, seaplanes and torpedo boats.  For experienced divers, Blue Corner is the premier dive site courtesy of its underwater life and reef configuration.  Take care though – a roof hook will be required due to strong tidal currents.

Palau also boasts Jellyfish Lake where two types of Jellyfish are found.  This lake is fully enclosed.  Not having had to fight off predators, the jellyfish have completely lost their sting.   How nice would it be to swim with jellyfish that can’t sting?

For those who appreciate nature, be sure to visit Ngardmau Waterfall which flows from Palau’s tallest peak.  In fact, it is the highest waterfall in all of Micronesia.  The walk to the falls takes 20-30 minutes but it is worth the effort.  Be sure to also visit Badrulchau Stone Monoliths which is Micronesia’s version of Easter Island.  Whilst the origin and purpose of these stone monoliths is unknown, it’s worth visiting this archaeological site and you will also be rewarded with amazing sea views.

Palau offers a plethora of water activities, beautiful scenery and the opportunity to relax and recharge.  What are you waiting for?

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