Located in the South West Pacific area, Papua New Guinea is a country of immense biological and cultural diversity.

Home to many different tribes with more than 800 languages, Papua New Guinea has come to be recognised as one of the most diverse countries worldwide.

Nevertheless, Papua New Guinea remains as one of the least visited countries in the world.

If you are interested in exploring places only a few people dare to go, then you might want to start in this country. Spend your holiday in Papua New Guinea by trekking between villages and in the remote and rugged jungles. Fish around the Futi fjords; dive in the coral reef coastline; and watch some of the world famous birds in the highlands. The rainforest habitat is not to be missed. The extensive rainforest jungle will give you a bizarre sight of glorious tropical fauna and flora. You will also get to enjoy the rainforest’s shade house which is home to saltwater crocodiles and cassowaries. For the military history fans and fitness folk, why not try trekking along the Kokoda Track?

In addition to its diverse culture and language, the mysterious island is home to over 28% of the world’s animal species including the tree-kangaroo, phalangeriformes, wallaby, and northern glider. The breathtaking and overwhelming white sand beaches, left alone by mass tourism, are worth visiting as well.

Once you visit Papua New Guinea, you will have a new and personal view of the world outside the city. The island’s world-class scuba sites, diverse tribal cultures, improving tourism systems, amazingly diverse terrains, astounding hotels and restaurants should be enough to give you a reason as to why you should visit Papua New Guinea. One of the most unexplored and conserved islands in the world, it has preserved the beauty of nature. Thus, it’s a perfect place for explorers.

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