Located at the heart of the continent, it cannot be denied that Paraguay is rich in culture and history.

With its old colonial towns and scenic ecotourism destinations, Paraguay is perfect for a completely authentic South American experience.

Experience distinguished tribal arts and folk music in the city of central Paraguay. Various craft workshops and shops that line the city streets display their own version of 17th Century embroidered lace, ñandutí. Every March, there is a festival that is held in recognition of this century’s art form.

While in the country, take some time to enjoy the globally recognised pieces of infrastructure. One of these is the Itaipu Dam, located on both borders of Brazil and Paraguay, it is considered one of the largest hydroelectric dams in the world. It is worth the trip to appreciate the colossal scale of this engineering feat. Another acknowledged establishment is the La Santísima Trinidad de Paraná. It is one of the established UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Once a home of European Jesuits, it is now a crumbling ruin with a charm of a colonial age.

Paraguay is also home to beautiful natural wonders. These include the three huge waterfalls of Saltos del Monday, the exotic and wildlife adventure of Ybycuí National Park, the secluded lagoon and forest of Ojo de Mar, the dramatic sceneries of Cerro Cora National Park and the sandbanks of San Cosme y Damián. These places are considered the best ecotourism destinations in the country.

From the wild countryside, the laid-back capital, to the subtle charm of colonial architecture and edifices, you can immediately immerse yourself in the richness of Paraguay. Since it does not get too many visitors, it has been deemed as the land of the unknown. This makes up the allure of Paraguay. It is certainly a place filled with hideaways and surprises that are yet to be explored.

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