Photography Tips for Travellers

Everyone wants to go home with some beautiful shots from overseas.

With so many people sharing their holiday snaps on social media sites, there is a lot of pressure to deliver breathtaking images in new locations around the world.

Well, whether you are using your phone, a kodak or HD camera, here are some handy tips and tricks to help you make the most of your holiday and capture every moment!

  • Firstly, get to know your device before you go. We never know what will happen on holiday so being prepared for anything is a must.  Every camera is unique so familiarise yourself with settings such as timers, action modes, night modes, forward and backward facing photos etc.  If you are presented with an unforgettable landscape, do you know how to take a panorama?
  • Download any apps you may need – This can be HD photo guides which can help enhance your images or apps for photo accessories such as borders and stickers, or a panorama app. Whatever your style, have help ready.
  • Never leave your camera behind. Those little, magical moments will surprise you so always be ready to take a photo.  Whether you follow that tour guide to a T, or like to explore solo, you will always encounter new places, people and experiences – Be ready to capture them!
  • Don’t be afraid to point and click – Everyone is camera crazy these days so you won’t look strange taking a picture of that perfect food placement or lying on the ground to capture a cloud! Everyone else is doing it, so do it too.
  • Let’s talk lenses – If you do have a camera, consider what lenses you may need. Will you want wide angle shots or extreme close ups – They usually aren’t cheap so think about this prior to leaving and if you can plan this in advance, wait for the sales.
  • Play with positions. Not all photos need to be centred – You can take more than one photo so try off-centre positions and different angles to capture every detail.
  • Experiment with lighting. During the day is great for clear, sunny pictures but dawn and dusk are also perfect times of day to get some really interesting results.
  • Click now, think later. With popular areas, you may not have long before people want to get in your way.  Don’t waste time standing still flicking through the images taken so far – Get your shots and check them later.
  • Don’t use flash indoors or in front of glass – Seems obvious but there’s nothing worse than getting home and having a bunch of useless pics. Flash is for outdoors people!
  • Get off the beaten track and explore the places others don’t. Other than this making your tale more exciting, you could find some enchanting streets, architecture, landscapes and more.  You never know what’s out there, so go find it!
  • Scenic shots are great but don’t forget to take pictures of yourselves as well. When you get home, you don’t want an album filled with palm trees and sandy beaches but happy memories of great company, a beautiful location and incredible stories to tell!

Photography is addictive and a wonderful hobby for all travellers.  Whether you are a seasoned photographer or are having a go for the first time, it can really bring out the creativity in everyone.  But, don’t forget to look up every once in a while, and see things for yourself.  Pictures are a great way of remembering the good old days but should never be the main focus of them.

Get out, live life and take a snap while you’re there!



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