Poland is a great destination for people who enjoy going on food trips, drinking and exploring.

Poland is known for its various drinking cultures, unique cuisine and rich history.

It is also a great place to experience water activities like paddling and sailing.

Tourists often go to northeast Poland to visit a number of rivers and lakes. During spring and autumn, the beautiful lakes of Sniardwy and Niegocin are packed with boaters and other visitors. Some also visit the Krutynia River to go paddling.

The Carpathian Mountains are also a must. The southwest part of the mountain range is an ideal mountain biking spot while the southern part is known for its good skiing environment. In the southeast part of the Carpathians, hikers often venture through the path and encounter the native lynx.

Poland is also famous among party-goers. Warsaw, Wroclaw and Poznan are all well-known clubbing areas in the country, but the most popular one is the Kazimierz district in Krakow. It used to be filled with buildings related to Jewish culture, but they were destroyed in the Second World War. Today, cafes and bars have populated the area which turn the evenings into a lively scene.

Your travel experience in Poland would not be complete without trying their vodka. Feel like a local by drinking clear vodka. If you are a bit adventurous, go on and try their flavored vodkas like the Wisniowka, Zubrowka and Zoladkowa Gorzka. Take care though – they pack a punch!

You can also try out a few Polish dishes made tastier with the unique seasonings and side dishes that come with them. Some famous Polish meals include herring with cream sauce, onions and sliced apples, and duck goose stuffed with gherkin and smoked pork.

Whether you are the type of tourist who loves to stay indoors and enjoy dining opportunities or the type that prefers going out for nature trips, Poland definitely has a lot to offer you.

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