Romania offers travellers a good combination of scenic mountains, beautiful countryside spots, historic areas and vibrant cities.

With the country’s monasteries, churches and pristine landscapes, tourists can truly have a unique experience.

To start your journey, visit the city of Iasi and see the majestic architecture of its churches. Before you go to see the green gardens of Timisoara, you should also visit the splendid city of Cluj – Napoca. Next on your itinerary should be the cobbled streets of Brasov and the city of Ploiesti which is the home of the country’s refining industry and oil production.

Of course, you shouldn’t miss Romania’s capital Bucharest and the different museums hidden within. Finally, go to Craiova to see a combination of the countryside and modern society.

When it comes to recommended tourist spots, you can visit the Romanian Athenaeum and admire the neoclassical art works, the Museum of the Romanian Peasant and its 20th Century artifacts, the Stavropoulos Monastery and its architecture, as well as Dracula’s Castle or Bran Castle where you will find art during King Ferdinand I and Queen Marie’s era.

In terms of food, Romanian cuisine offers a perfect mix of Oriental, French, and Austrian flavors—but of course, it also features some unique elements. Some of the must-try local foods include torchitura and the mici, as well as the Bulgarian salad, Dobrogean. To complete your food trip experience, wash down your food with some delectable local wine or beer.

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